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Missing 11-Year-Old Found Raped In Home Of 30-Year-Old Man She Met On Facebook (PICTURED)

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Facebook is a really great social media tool to keep in contact with friends, family and loved ones, but it also opens up our children to online stalkers as one Lorain, OH father found out.

A father was searching for his 11-year-old missing daughter and found her with a 30-year-old man who met the young girl on Facebook, lured her to his home and raped her, according to police.

fb111Christopher Sims, 30, from Lorain, OH, came across her Facebook profile last year and talked her into meeting him person, says Lorain Police Detective Tabitha Angello.

The young girl was reported missing from her home by her father on February 19 and remained missing for an entire week.  She returned home on February 26, but when her father woke up the next day, the little girl had left home again.

The father was driving around looking for his daughter when he saw her by Sims’ apartment block but when he went to get his daughter she had already fled out of the back door.

According to Detective Angello, the father stayed in the area and at around 1 a.m. March 1st, he saw his fb112daughter leave Sims’ house and get in his car with him.

The father called the police and officers pulled over Sims’ car 30 minutes later and found the 11-year-old in the back seat.

The Chronicle Telegram reports that the little girl told police that she had been staying with Sims and that they had sex on February 26.

Police were then able to execute a search and arrest warrant at Sims’ house where they allegedly found items relating to the rape case.

“We advise parents to not to get involved’ in cases, Angello told MailOnline. “But if a father is looking for his missing daughter, I can’t stop him.”

And it was a good thing the concerned father did get involved.  Records show that Sims was previously indicted for rape, gross sexual imposition and unlawful conduct with a minor in 2010 for a 2004 incident.

Sims is being held on $1 million bond in Lorain City Jail.

Just like we teach our kids about the dangers of crossing the street, or even talking to strangers, we must educate our children on the dangers of social media.  Technology is a wonderful thing, and can enhance our lives, but strangers are strangers online or offline.

Surf safely.

(via BOSS Sports)

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