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‘My Spirit is Heavy’: Rivers Governor Fubara Opens Up About Emotional Struggles Amid Political Conflict

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PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria – In a rare and heartfelt revelation, Siminalayi Fubara, the Governor of Rivers State, shared his emotional turmoil amidst ongoing political battles, particularly with Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and members of the state House of Assembly.

His candid disclosure came during a thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Opobo Town, Rivers State, combined with a celebration of the Supreme Court judgment affirming his election and his 49th birthday.

Addressing the congregation, Governor Fubara, 49, expressed a heavy heart, acknowledging the significant personal and familial toll of the political strife.

“I feel heavy in my spirit. It’s not been easy, I can say it,” the governor said, his voice laden with emotion.

He reflected on the absence of key political figures, presumably including Wike, his one-time political mentor, implying their non-attendance was due to the ongoing political conflict.

Fubara’s words conveyed a sense of introspection and vulnerability rarely seen in political leaders.

He questioned the nature of his political victory, pondering, “Does God give you a gift or a blessing and add sorrow to it?”

Despite the joy and excitement he observed in the faces of his supporters, he confessed to a sense of heaviness and a struggle to find happiness in his achievements.

The governor’s speech highlighted the sacrifices made by his family due to his political commitments. “They are suffering, that is the truth. They are suffering because of this cause,” he admitted, promising to regain his personal happiness and urging continued prayers for peace.

Fubara emphasised the need for tranquility and focus to deliver on his promises to the state, lamenting the lost opportunities to enact his plans due to the distractions of political conflict.

He dedicated his victory to the pursuit of peace, reiterating the critical need for unity and stability to achieve the desired progress in Rivers State.

Governor Fubara’s candid admission sheds light on the often unseen personal struggles of political figures, humanising the typically stoic facade of leadership.

His call for peace and dedication to public service amidst personal challenges underscores the complexities and sacrifices inherent in political leadership.

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