Nigerian Beaten in India
African students protesting in India

A disturbing video making the rounds on the internet has caused an uproar by Nigerians. The video shows a Nigerian beaten In India by a mob of Indian men while tied to a pole.

The video shared by NDTV India, One of the most reliable media outfits in Asia, Shows the Nigerian man as he is brutally clubbed by a mob while tied up to a pole.

The victim was allegedly caught trying to rob a house occupied by African students in Malviya Kumar.

The report which was done in Hindu but later translated on the website of the NDTV India had it that the Nigerian man who was falsely accused of stealing and was brutalised by the Indian mob who allegedly wanted to steal his money.

Voices in the background can be heard egging on the mob and saying: “Get red chilly. Beat him harder…” After the video surfaced, the police said action would be taken against the attackers

In one clip, he is upright, tied to a lamp post and his underwear. He was taken to the police in that state, with injuries to his head, face, limbs and back.

The police say after he was treated in a hospital, he was produced before a judge who sent him to jail. But no one knew until the video emerged that he had been assaulted. The police say action will be taken against the attackers based on the video.

This is not the first time Nigerians have been targeted and attacked by their hosts in India and other Asian countries. On March 27, some Nigerian students and other Africans were victims of a mob attack by Indian men who suspected they supplied drugs to a local teenager.

Watch the disturbing video here:

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