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Nigerian Governors Bemoan Poor Economy, Seeking Lasting Solutions

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The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) has said that the nation’s economy is in a bad state, hence there is need for the 36 governors to sit and intensively discuss the economy and find ways to resolve the current financial crisis.

The governors rose from a closed-door meeting in Abuja, April 27, 2016 lamenting the poor economy and seeking for long-term solutions to the economy of the country, which is gradually grinding to a halt.

The forum, chaired by Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State, agreed that the Nigerian economy was in bad shape and there was need for a holistic approach to restore it to order.

The governors lamented that the this month’s federation account is the worse ever in the past six years, adding that following the development, the governors must come together, have a round table and discuss.

Yari said the issue on ground is very serious, saying “we were elected under different party platforms to perform, not just to pay salaries. It is even worse not to be able to pay salaries, so the issue is very, very serious that we are coming back to discuss it and if we have the opportunity we will come back to see our leader, Mr. President.”

The governors said they wanted a long-term solution, not just bailout as bailout was a short term programme but the states needed a permanent arrangement to keep the states afloat.

“We are looking for a short term formula for you to live, at least survive before the long term. So on diversification, we are looking on agriculture, which is supposed to be the major focus long time ago but has been neglected by the past administrations,” Yari said.

He said arising from the situation bedeviling the country now, the governors must work harder and look forward to a more permanent solution as the oil tends not to be meeting the demands of the Nigerian populace.

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