‘Nigerians, Criminals, Asylum’: Dear Buhari, With All Due Respect, Shut Up!

‘Nigerians, Criminals, Asylum’: Dear Buhari, With All Due Respect, Shut Up!

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari pictured at the All Progressives Congress (APC) press event in Abuja February 8, 2015. | Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde

The sense I get is that no one briefs Mr. Buhari before his numerous outings. It is also clear that he needs serious education about Nigeria in the 21st century. He is stuck in the past and proud of it. This man is hurting our nation. The words that come out of Buhari’s mouth are beyond embarrassing, he has become a national security risk. Someone stop him.

The latest gaffe from him suggesting that Nigerians abroad are criminals and ne’er do wells is deeply troubling. Nothing could be further than the truth. We can talk about the racism that says that only “perfect” immigrants of color are allowed on the hallowed shores of the West. We can also point out that even with all the noise about Nigerian criminality in the West, the percentage of Nigerian fraudsters compared to the population of Nigerians abroad is approximately zero percent. You must not judge the rest with the worst.

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Buhari is out of line here and deeply ignorant of the situation. Let me put it this way, if all the Nigerians in the medical fields of the U.K. and North America were to down their tools and head back to Nigeria, the trauma on the communities over there would be incalculable. The vast majority of Nigerians abroad are law-abiding citizens, lauded for their work ethic and their talents. Buhari should be begging them to return home to contribute their quota.

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If the Nigerians abroad are talented those at home are gifted. It takes genius to run any business in Nigeria, and millions do it every day. In all fields. Some of the best doctors in the world I met in broken hospital halls in Nigeria. Sadly, many of them are successfully plotting their way to the West. And the West will welcome them with open arms.

Our real problem is leadership; since 1960 to date our rulers have excelled in looting is dry and Buhari has been part of the looting, thuggery and incompetence. It is estimated that of the $600 billion in oil revenue since 1956, $400 billion has been looted by our politicians and civil servants. Nigerians in the private sector have been thriving in the absence of structures. The government is in the way every day. Buhari knows his thieves; they booted him to power. He should leave us alone.

Buhari has no business scaring away tourism and business by constantly running down Nigeria before the eyes of the West. He should shut up, if he cannot improve upon the silence.

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  1. You know what I think could scare off tourism, people who post things online without solid facts.I find it rather convenient that you couldn’t lend your own article some credibility by quoting any part of what PMB actually said.

    Having said that, let me help you-

    “Some Nigerians claim is that life is too difficult back home, but then again some Nigerians have also made it difficult for Europeans and Americans to accept them because of the number of Nigerians in different prisons all over the world accused of drug trafficking or human trafficking. I don’t think Nigerians have anybody to blame. They can remain at home. Their services are required to rebuild the country. If their countrymen misbehaved, the best thing for them is to stay at home and encourage the credibility of the nation.”

    You see, I think you owe Mr. President an apology.

  2. Noblegunner just shut your dirty trap, quoting what your senseless president said abroad how do you feel ??? have you ever in your ignorant life heard any president of any country criticize his nation and citizens outside, in a world forum ? instead they praise their nations outside no matter what and when they go back home they do the needful. why are you guys so senseless like the so-called president of yours ?……gosh! bunch of educated illiterates.

  3. All this idiots, who were not brought up well by their corrupt parents are busy insulting the president of my great country ,Nigeria, who said the obvious. Anitadamsel, Anonymous and the stupid writer should hide your heads in shame. May you never see old age for insult a man who is old enough to be your father. Fire on my president for those who are for you are a lot more than those who are against you.

  4. The Truth is, those who near mr president should ask him to always select some of his words before pronouncing it out bcs there is a yoruba adage that says whosoever sold his house hold cheeply will n’t be able to by him eve at a costly price latter on, not withstanding it is not ideal to insult him.

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