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Nigeria’s Senate Seeks Public Input to Amend Problematic Cybercrime Act

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ABUJA, Nigeria – In a move towards enhancing the governance of cyberspace in Nigeria, the Senate Joint Committee on ICT & Cyber Security and National Security & Intelligence has issued a public call for memoranda.

This initiative, aimed at amending the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc) Act 2015, invites contributions from stakeholders in the digital communication sectors and the general public.

Senator Shuiab Afolabi Salisu, Chairman of the Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime, signed and published the Public Hearing notice on Friday, November 17, 2023, across multiple media platforms nationwide.

The notice outlines the Senate’s commitment to refining the existing cybercrime legislation to better serve the nation’s evolving digital landscape.

The Cybercrime Act 2015, initially enacted to protect national information infrastructure and promote cybersecurity, has been instrumental in safeguarding computer systems, networks, electronic communications, data, and intellectual property.

Additionally, the Act provides procedural guidelines for investigating cybercrimes and collecting electronic evidence in criminal offenses.

Acknowledging the rapid advancements in technology and the changing nature of cyber threats, the Senate recognizes the need to review and update the Act.

Eight years since its implementation, there is a growing consensus that the legislation requires modifications to effectively combat contemporary computer-mediated crimes.

The Senate Committee has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, November 22, 2023, in Conference Room 301 of the Senate Building.

In a concerted effort to gather diverse perspectives and insights, the committee extends an invitation to all stakeholders, including government institutions, ICT and cybersecurity entities, and national security agencies.

The statement from the Committee specifies the submission guidelines for memoranda, which should be presented in five (5) soft copies and forty-five (45) hard copies.

The submissions are to be addressed to the Clerk of the Senate Committee on ICT & Cyber Security, located in Room 3.8 of the White House Building, National Assembly Complex, Abuja.

The deadline for submission is set for one week from the notice publication date.

This call for public participation marks a pivotal step in the Senate’s efforts to foster a secure and resilient digital environment in Nigeria, reflecting the dynamic and participatory nature of legislative processes in addressing the challenges of the digital age.

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