10 Basic Things You Must Know About No Poreblem Primer Basic

10 Basic Things You Must Know About No Poreblem Primer Basic

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If you have ever noticed how models have these smooth and glowing skin, the answer might be that they are using a makeup primer. Due to the unique ability of makeup primers to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, use of such primers as a layer between the skin and foundation sets the base needed to create the flawless skin appearance at any age.

Melt-proof is a widely known marketing term correlated with makeup primers, but there are many other advantages to wearing a layer of a primer in addition to merely extending the life of your makeup. For instance, when using the No Poreblem Primer, it can definitely help avoid unflattering cracks in the eye shadow and foundation splotches, it can also help in controlling the shiny appearance and it can prevent the makeup to flake out.

No Poreblem Primer is a product created by Touch in Sol (a renowned Korean makeup brand) that is perfect for giving the skin that flawless and glowing touch – always ready for even a no-make up day or a glamorous night out. It has a lightweight formula that provides a seamless coverage for wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin tone. It also contains a soluble collagen that helps boost the skin’s moisture levels and its elasticity.

While adding another step to your skincare routine might seem a little daunting, you may notice that the benefits of using No Poreblem primer is well worth of those few more minutes spent applying it. Even if you just need a small dab or a big dollop, this quick-fix gel can be applied and set at just the same amount of time as you are brushing and flossing your teeth. You can apply this primer to your cheeks, lips and eyes by adopting the very same application technique that you are using for moisturizer. Applying a little bit more primer on the spots in wherein most color fades can easily minimize powder touch-ups and oil-blotting sessions.

No Poreblem Primer greatly reduces fine lines, conceal dark spots, and prepares your face for a makeup coverage that lasts beyond the working day.

Benefits of using No Poreblem Primer

Concealing the scarlet color with tan is quite an impossible challenge when painting the walls of a room, except when you paint it first with a primer. White and opaque, priming is a protective measure that could also cover brightly colored walls before painting a much lighter color. This also works as a primary coverage coating that may smoothen out any left behind nicks that sanding have not fixed.

The purpose of using No Poreblem Primer is very similar when using a paint primer — just consider your skin as a wall with all its natural flaws and color issues. This makeup primer, which is gel-like, is applied after putting on moisturizer and before applying foundation. It will then provide a smooth surface on which you can apply your makeup on, as well as it helps in keeping your makeup in place for a long time which is especially necessary during those humid summer time or long days at work.

The benefits are much more than giving a smooth and flawless skin when you use the No Poreblem Primer. It contains minerals that can reduce acne breakouts, prevent dryness as well as it evens out of the skin tone. It has Silica, also commonly known as silicone dioxide, a type of mineral which is also frequently found in other primers that is used to control shine. In addition to silica, this primer also contains waxes and polymers that helps makeup last longer by providing a stronger bond between the skin and the foundation. The green tea extract infused in the primer also protects, energizes the skin making it a perfect primer to enhance color and for a longer-lasting makeup wear. The No Poreblem Primer also features a unique powder which greatly benefits those who have an oily skin. This powder is very effective in minimizing the sebum production, creating in fresh, flawless and velvety skin.

Tips in applying No Poreblem Primer

It is not funny at all if your makeup causes you to look like a clown – this is the primary reason why you need to use a primer. Applying the No Poreblem Primer can help your makeup stay in place on your face and see you through the day’s daily grind.

Start the process of application with a mild cleansing and afterwards pat dry the skin. Using a sponge, apply the moisturizer to your face in an outward stroke and wait out for at least two minutes before you apply a small amount of the primer.

You can do the same technique you use when applying your moisturizer as to applying your primer as well. You can just put a tiny portion of primer at the back of your hand, then dab a sponge into the primer and use an upward sweeping motions when applying it to your face. Wait a little bit before you apply the next layer of makeup – this is to make sure that the primer is absorbed into your skin. There are also cases wherein women would not opt to use foundation anymore. They just simply apply a finishing powder following the primer.

It is recommended by experts to use the fingertips instead of a sponge when applying more primer in those parts wherein the makeup will feather, crease and fade out the fastest as well as in the hard-to-conceal zones like the wrinkle around the mouth and eyes. If you are susceptible to acne breakouts or have an uneven skin tone, you can have a flawless look by applying this perfect primer combine with proper exfoliation every week. The No Poreblem Primer is also tried and tested in minimizing the appearance of undesirable large pores.

Adding the No Poreblem Primer to your makeup bag essentials is a must-do. It will definitely reduce fine lines and unsightly wrinkles and will provide you will a long-lasting makeup coverage.


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