President Obama’s First Daughter Gets A Job, And Critics Hate Her For...

President Obama’s First Daughter Gets A Job, And Critics Hate Her For It

By Naturally Moi on June 19, 2014
Malia Obama pictured with her father, President Barack Obama in November 2013

It seems that there isn’t much of anything that the Obamas can do that won’t lead to criticism.  The latest blow-up has to do with Malia’s cool new job working with Halle Berry on her new film.  Some are charging that it’s outright unfair that the president’s daughter can get the kind of job that most teens can never dream of.  But what they fail to mention is that Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea made a whopping $600,000  per year working for NBC with no journalistic experience whatsoever.

So, maybe this is one of those “uppity negro” arguments being made by Right Wingers who are accustomed to seeing black people clean their floors and babysit their children.  But I’ll let you be the judge.  You can read more about Malia’s job below, it seems interesting.  The Financial Juneteenth lesson from this story is that there is nothing wrong with helping your children obtain opportunities.  However, it is important to instill the right values so they can build on what you’ve created and not simply lean on it.   Black people should not get used to the idea of always starting over.  Our goal as parents is to build a legacy that will open doors for possibilities we could never have dreamed of ourselves.

Demetria Lucas, writing for, says it this way:

 Like, did you really expect the first daughter to work at McDonald’s for her first job, like most teenagers? And for all the folks crying about this hookup, you do realize that nepotism—i.e., taking care of your family, friends and inner circle first—is what every other community of folks does, right? (See presidential daughter Chelsea Clinton’s $600,000 job at NBC.) It’s to create generational and community wealth as well as to gain access and power, a concept that black folks as a whole don’t always seem to grasp, even as, as one of my friends put it, black folks stay stuck with “this work-twice-as-hard-to-get-half-as-far struggle we be on …

But before we presume that it’s always a wise decision to give your child the hookup, we should remember that there is a correlation between laziness and a sense of entitlement.  This doesn’t mean that your kids shouldn’t have access to your wealth and connections, but it does mean that you should expect that they EARN them.  Billionaire Warren Buffett, who has more money than the Obamas (or any of us) will ever have, has a very good model:  He requires that his children learn to work as hard as anyone else and he doesn’t allow them to believe that his money is their money.  That might be a good balance.

Malia Obama’s summer job is likely the envy of all teenage girls, as the first daughter will spend her break working as a production assistant on the set of Halle Berry’s upcoming television series “Extant.”

The Wrap reported Sunday that Obama, who turns 16 on July 4, is doing typical production assistant tasks, despite the constant presence of Secret Service agents hovering around.

“She helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take,” a source told The Wrap, adding that Obama commented on her first job: “My first time. This is a big deal.”

Another source told TMZ that Malia Obama, who attends the exclusive Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., did not get any special treatment while on board, and never once bragged about being the daughter of President Barack Obama.

“We’re told Malia spent most of her day going on runs for coffee and drinks for the cast . . . like every other no-name peon,” the source told “She also helped the crew by blocking people from walking through scenes during shooting. Of course, MO did get something not even Halle got — Secret Service protection. We’re told a few agents were always on set, but they gave her space.”

“Best of all, we’re told one person innocently chatted up Malia one day about sports — just to be friendly — but never realized who she was. Kinda cool that she never blew her cover,” TMZ continued.

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