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Okechukwu Ofili: Stop Telling Lies On Behalf of God [The Trent Voices]

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by Okechukwu Ofili

Today a picture of a young soldier crying has been making the rounds on Instagram accompanied with a powerful story.

soldier_cry - The Trent

A story about a soldier taunted by his fellow soldiers because of his love of God. A soldier who on one of those taunt sessions was forced to drive and park a Jeep. The only problem was that the soldier did not know how to drive and the Jeep did not have an engine in it.

But yet to the amazement of his fellow non-believing soldiers, he was able to drive this engine-less car and also park it … all through the strength of God. At least that’s what the story wants us to believe…

Now I am not saying God cannot pull this stunt off …  what I am saying is that the story has all the signs of a made up story pulled out from the imagination of a brilliant storyteller. For starters … the soldier’s name is unknown, the country where this happens is unknown … basically the story has no details, no proof, nothing.

In fact the story is 100% made up, a classic urban legend. But yet we spread it like wildfire to drive home a point about God being this awesome God of awesome miracles. Like God needs lies to show how amazing he is? But why? Why do we spread lies to drive home a point about God?

This same fact-less story is the same tactic used by some pastors to brainwash people, they come and tell baseless stories and claim baseless powers. And the congregation is so excited and desperate that they forget to fact check the pastors stories … instead they spread it over and over recruiting tithes people into their church!

Now I am not anti-religion or anti-church I am just anti-bullshit and I think it is high time we stop telling lies on God’s behalf. I am out!

Okechukwu Ofili is an author, speaker, and blogger and a The Trent Elite Voice. Follow him on twitterFacebook or subscribe to his blog for more honest talk and as @ofilispeaks on instagram for more sketches! To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. His third book How Intelligence Kills was published in December 2013, order it at http://bit.ly/intelligencekills.

Opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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