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5 Styling Tips For Men

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by Uche Nnaji

1. Avoid Over-Accessorizing: Now this is a very tricky one because there is no 1 tracked rule as to the 1 acceptable way to do this.becasue while some of us in the Style Council whose responsibility it is to guide most of you sartorially mere mortals into sartorial-salvation can get away with almost anything when it comes to style,it is not advised fro you to try looking like us on your own. So the safe place to be would be playi g safe as I have said countless times that ”Less Is More”. e.g If you are going to wear a pocket square with your paisely tie,try not to use a Badge on the same pocket and then a lapel pin as well.

THE BULLET PROOF WARDROBE(Wearing Patterns&Layers)4

2. Your Tie-bar should never be wider thanyour tie.

3. Always ensure that you unfasten your jacket or blazer buttons when you are seated, its helps to preserve the life of the button hole. remember there are no exceptions to this rule.


4. When wearing a fabric like corduroy,try to avoid frusty wide wales,as you are doing this try not to go too narrow with it to avoid the material to start looking like velvet

5. I have told us before that a properly helmed trouser or pantalon(With or Without cuffs) should drop at the tip of your shoe, this way it allows you to display a bit of your vain side with your coloured socks

I want to believe that this 5 tips should be enough to chew and digest for today,until next time…

Uche Nnaji was the winner of The Style Entrepreneur Award at The Future Awards 2009. His brand, OUCH, is a fast growing global brand in the premium lifestyle products industry. For more than five years, OUCH’s reputation and distinctive image have consistently been developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. OUCH exclusively stocks men’s suits, ties, shirts, kaftans, and other male fashion apparels.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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