Opinion: Open Letter To General Buhari (Retired)

Opinion: Open Letter To General Buhari (Retired)

By Opinions | The Trent on February 13, 2015
Muhammadu Buhari APC Nigeria
General Muhammed Buhari (Rtd) at an All Progressive Congress event

by Owusi Obumneme J

Dear General Buhari,

Today as I flip through our media and follow discussions on our past as if they were in essence our future, my heart gave way to the burden this letter.

I saw an online article that likened you to Dr Nelson Mandela & Dr Martin Luther King Jr and was deeply saddened. Saddened that our youths have excitedly gone ahead to plan a wedding before extracting a commitment /agreement from the young maiden. Sir, I know what Mandela, Dr King Jr gave their lives to achieve – this is not to say that I do not hear what the media now make of your sainthood.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Dr Nelson Mandela sold a vision of a nation to their people, one that yet speak of equal rights and access to all. These men spoke against injustice wherever they lay, even against their own kinsmen. Unlike these men, your team attempt to sell a person (Buhari) instead of a vision to our people. Consequently we now have to discuss you instead of a vision for our nation.

In the past 30 years, you have only spoken up against what you perceived to be an injustice meted out against the ‘Hausa/Fulani’ cattle rearers. In fact it was reported that you travelled quite a distance to seek a redress for them. In the same vein, you appear deaf, blind and mute to the several cases of injustice meted on other Nigerians. Sir, you said nothing when northern elders forum laid a public claim of ownership of the oil in the Niger Delta? Sir, when did you become an advocate of the larger society we called Nigeria?

Sir, I have never read, nor heard any of your discussions, paper presentations, etc  that discuss your vision for Nigeria or your grandeur interpretation of Nigeria. What is your definition of Nigeria? Is your Nigeria – the Hausa/Fulani people? Do you truly believe that we are all equal before the law? Do you believe that the Hausa/Fulani are owners/royalties of Nigeria that must be obeyed and served by other Nigerian as slaves? Sir, a literal meaning of – to corrupt is to muddle up or mess up an established pattern. Sir, do you define corruption as any attempt to redefine a Nigeria where all her people particularly the minority tribes have equal rights and access to our common wealth?

Sir, are you not aware that the present financial corruption in our country are symptoms of a most deeper problem. You will recall that General T.Y Danjuma (retired) made a bold revelation when he said that he’s got so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with them.

Sir, how did Danjuma come about such wealth? Did he invent a new technology or a product that sold across the world? Sir, please note that I have deep respect for Danjuma’s years of service to our nation however we understand that he became rich on account of oil block allocation, the same oil block allocations that is denied the people of Niger Delta.  Sir, the illegal oil bunkering is as a result of this injustice that continue to enslave the minority tribes in our country. This same principle can be traced across our civil service, i.e. our Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA).

Sir, all these would be resolved when MERITOCRACY reigns supreme in Nigeria.

I hear that a march is being organised in your favour and I wondered if you would give your blessing.

Sir, is this march against 23 million Nigerians that the insistence of 14th February 2015 election, would deny their rights to vote? Is the march for the minority Nigerian that is educationally qualified to serve our country in our civil service, e.g. Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA), but the dream is repeatedly crushed because of less qualified majority tribes? Is this march against military coups in Nigeria? Is it against June 12 annulment? Is this march for a conduct of a proper census in Nigeria? Is this march for the National Youth Service Corp members that lost their lives and aspirations in our last presidential election of 2011? Is the march against the environmental degradation of Niger Delta region? Is this march against the Elders of the North that stood up to say that they own the oil in the Niger Delta region? Is this march against Boko Haram? Is this march against people fleeing their homes in droves for fear of being killed if you loose this 2015 election?

Silently, I waited to hear in affirmation that the proposed march was for a vision of a nation that must be realised. Today, I hear my own friend that supports your candidacy spew out violent words and threats of eminent violence and I yet wonder –  is that what you represent? Is that what you evoke in our people?

Dr Nelson Mandela & Dr Martin Luther King Jr, inspired faith in people and unfortunately I regret to repeat that at the moment you inspire fear. People are fleeing from their homes because they know that you would loose the election and they can not afford the repeat of 2011. However, the good-news is that you can change this narrative, by rewriting your own legacy.

Sir, the fact as at today is that your team messed up by selling you (a person – General Buhari) instead of a vision of a nation to the crowd that came out to hear your message of change. You cannot change this fatal mistake in the next 6 weeks, consequently you cannot win the 2015 presidential election but you can win something much bigger – the hearts of our people by taking on a well meaning mission. This mission would be possible if your core objective was to serve the people.

Pursue the extraction of a contract from the ruling class across the political parties – for a full unaltered adoption and implementation of the people’s vision – the national conference report. That report is the change that the people seek and desire. It will empower the people to checkmate government and politicians thereby containing corruption and I can promise you that my generation would engage that document to birth the Nigeria of our dream. Lastly, do all you can to pacify your followers to avert bloodshed after this election.

This is a vision and a purpose to live for!

Owusi Obumneme J is a freelance writer.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. I must say this is an interesting piece i have come across, because i surf the net recently and all i see about buhari kept me wondering.am trying to understand the brainchild behind his campaign and most importantly his intentions,but iv’e come to see that someone like him would bring more harm than good for this nation. don’t get me wrong am not saying Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a saint, but buhari isn’t not a match for him.

    • Buhari is on a revenge mission.he is still angry that he was toppled by IBB and that the civilian populace embraced it.now is pay back time.nigerians beware!

  2. Buhari sways in a strand of timed life span. What pushes him seems unresolved yet dark and unpatriotic. Buhari is at the right place at the wrong time.

  3. Nice article…i bet buhari has no answer to any of those,but while he will be searching for answers. we will be busy voting in a real president! we will be voting GEJ! to stay till 2019!

  4. Buhari has nothing to offer, he has not found out what is his purpose on earth…for him to think that standing on lies will make nigerians vote him i think he must be a joker! GEJ stays as president till 2019.

  5. Buhari is just an evil and ambitious man that has no good in his heart for Nigeria…he is not an option, GEJ is the only presidential candidate, he just went in unopposed to continue growing Nigeria! GEJ till 2019!

  6. I weep for my country Nigeria that Buhari can even be on the ballot in year 2015. We have an educated man as a president, yet a political party can get a man without school set (SSCE or GCE) as their presidential candidate and he hopes to unseat GEJ and lead the Nigeria. Imagine! As a country are we moving forward or backward? You would think that after GEJ we would hope that his successor is an educated, competent and well rounded person

  7. Goodluck Jonathan’s administration launched the Youth Enterprise with innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) initiative on the 11th October 2011 which is the administration’s job creation center piece. He will do more in the next administration. Let’s give him our support.

  8. How can we say we are moving forwarding when people like Buhari is still contesting as President, there should be some level of change in our country please.

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