Overview Of Vaping Laws In Nigeria

Overview Of Vaping Laws In Nigeria

By Pius Godsday | Politics Reporter on January 22, 2019
Photo by nappy from Pexels
Photo by nappy from Pexels

Within just a few years of its introduction into the market, vaping has grown into a popular culture that everyone wants to try out. Marketed as a safer alternative to conventional smoking of cigarettes, vaping has been proven to offer a great puff of nicotine with far less health consequences than cigar smoking. It is largely for this that people are fast embracing the culture in various parts of the world. Vaping is also being used as an effective way of quitting smoking while the youth consider it cool to vape. Just like smoking, vaping is governed by certain rules and regulations. Every region has its own unique laws on vaping.

If you visit Nigeria or just a resident of the country, it is important to familiarize with their laws on vaping before engaging in the act. Knowing the vaping laws of a country is a great way of avoiding any trouble with law enforcement and staying in conformity with the regulations.

Being a relatively new entrant into the market, there are still no explicitly outlined vaping laws in Nigeria. This however does not mean that a vapor can puff away anywhere within the country’s borders. Just like smoking, it is fairly regulated.

Public Vaping

One of the vaping laws in Nigeria is with regards to public vaping. Reports from the World Health Organization indicate that smoking of tobacco in public is prohibited. Public smoking was deemed illegal as a means of protecting the general public from the effects of second-hand smoke. One is however allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas stationed in various places around major cities and towns or on private property. Since vaping is almost similar to smoking, the same laws apply to it. It is therefore illegal to vape in public places like markets or in public transportation. To enjoy a vape therefore, a person needs to do it in their homes or find the designated smoking areas.

Vaping Juice

As earlier mentioned, there are no yet clear-cut laws to govern vaping in Nigeria. Vapors can thus choose vaping juice at their own discretion. Despite the lack of laws in vaping juice however, the vaping juices are subjected to quality and safety assessment by the various health bodies. Several factors are checked during these assessments. During these checks, the nicotine percentage is one of the elements of the vaping juice that is examined. It is required by law that the nicotine levels are within the healthy levels. The recommended percentage is below 4%. Another thing that is commonly looked at is the substance-composition of the e-juice. Vaping juices with harmful substances are not allowed in the market and re considered illegal.

Travelling with Vape Products

Traveling with vape products are usually regulated by the service providers. Airlines for instance have their own unique laws on travelling with vape products. Besides not being allowed to vape on an airplane, users are required to keep their vaping gadgets on their carry-on bags.

In conclusion, although the laws on vaping have not matured, Nigeria has done the right thing in piggybacking off of current smoking laws and will look to further build their vape laws over time.


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