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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Family Creates A Caring Christian Community 

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The esteemed members of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family are an integral part of bringing his ministerial mission to fruition. 

Christ Embassy Church is more than a Church -it is a Christian family and as a close family, all members take part in its activities. With 13 million members located on five continents, this is a large family indeed. Like all families, the lead figure sets the tone for the whole set.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministering to his global family
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministering to his global family

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a charismatic leader with a big heart who cares for all the members of his church like family. Christ Embassy is also known as LoveWorld which sums up the feeling you get when you encounter Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 

LoveWorld is a vibrant Christian community that has activities that take care of your mind, body, and soul. There is a mandate to go out into the community and act like Jesus Christ and offer help to those who need it most. Members of Christ Embassy will share the Good News of the Gospel as taught by Pastor Chris while engaging in another act of community kindness such as visiting care homes or schools.

Some of the branches of the LoveWorld family are run by the family of Pastor Chris. In fact, all of those who take leadership roles within LoveWorld become family because of the care and compassion they exude. Some of the most dynamic leaders are the music ministers who are trained through the LoveWorld Ministry of Arts and Music(LMAM). The director is Pastor Chris’s sister Evangelist Kathy Woghiren.    

A sister called Kathy

Kathy started singing in the Children’s Church Choir at the tender age of six and the time she was 10, she was the Children’s Church Choir leader and its principal vocalist. Her experience with choirs continued and she was perfectly set to create a choir for Christ Embassy. 

As Pastor Chris explains that the choir is part of the Church it supports. Music is an integral part of worship. Through LMAM Evangelist Kathy guides and mentors some of the most talented Gospel Ministers of our generation. The vision of LMAM is ” raise ministers who are established in the Word and burning with a passion to reach the world with the gospel in our very unique way; through music and the arts.”

Mother to the LMAM stars-Evangelist Kathy Woghiren
Mother to the LMAM stars – Evangelist Kathy Woghiren

The inspiration for the music is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and each musician has a platform to express creativity and this eternal message. All the LMAM stars look to Kathy as a mother figure who has nurtured their talents with individual care and compassion. 

A Gospel singing daughter 

Of the many choirs, groups, and performers that have performed, there is one gospel artist who stands out. The daughter of Pastor Chris, Sharon Oyakhilome. They say that talent runs in the family and she is a talented, award-winning Gospel singer. 

As an artist, she is known as CSO and had produced some beautiful gospel music with songs like ‘Holy Spirit‘ that was inspired by one of her father’s sermons. She also collaborated with other LMAM artists to produce some spectacular songs. 

Her wedding to Phillip Frimpong as one of the most celebrated events in Nigeria in 2018. Many of the directors and pastors of LoveWorld were there to celebrate with the family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. In fact, one Gospel Minister who thinks of Pastor Chris as a brother ministered at the star-studded event.

Pastor Benny Hinn officiated at the ceremony. He is a renowned Evangelist who has worked with Pastor Chris on many projects. They are close like brothers, spiritual brothers and the admiration Pastor Benny has for Pastor Chris brings them into the realm of family. Their collaboration has birthed some epochal events like the World Evangelism Conference

His Brother Ken Oyakhilome

A youthful Tom Amenkhienan and Chris Oyakhilome
A youthful Tom Amenkhienan and Chris Oyakhilome

The family of Pastor Chris is spread across the globe. Reverend Ken Oyakhilome is a member of Christ Embassy Central Executive Council and Pastor of Christ Embassy Houston. He is described as someone who is taking His divine presence to all nations of the world and demonstrating the character of the Holy Spirit. He has altered the course of many lives in Houston and beyond.

Brother Reverend Tom Amenkhienan

A youthful Tom Amenkhienan and Chris Oyakhilome

When Tom Amenkhienan saw the young Bro Christian minister at his university fellowship ‘Youth for Christ’ he was filled with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost that he made himself available to assist with aspects of ministry. He was the first choir leader in the fledgling Christ Embassy Church. Now known as Reverend Tom he is an integral part of the LoveWorld family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.   

Sister Pastor Joy Amenkhienan

The university fellowship was one of the most popular on campus and Joy Ihegie was one of the choir members. She married Tom Amenkhienan and is a pastor who conducts many aspects of ministry in her own right. Pastor Joy has ministered to over a million viewers and delivered messages of faith and hope with love during her Life! Conferences

Communication of Daysman Oyakhilome

Daysman Oyakhilome is the nephew of Chris Oyakhilome and the son of Evangelist Kathy Oyakhilome -Woghiren.  As the CEO of his own company ‘Carel Films,’ he produces gospel music videos. He acknowledged the success of his videos was “due to the relevance in ministry.” They are relevant to the teaching of Pastor Chris and the songs have been created through that medium. His company can package that message and make it even more appealing to young people out there here because this generation is more excited about entertainment and he thought it would be an effective way to communicate the message of the Gospel.

There are many dedicated ministers in the family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome all united in the mission to spread the Good News of the Gospel to all four corners of the globe. Christ Embassy Church is a unique organization as it is a large Church, but it feels like family. This is all due to the vision and teachings of the Daddy and Father Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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