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Pastor Paul Enenche Urges Judges to Consider 15 Points in Election Petition Judgements

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ABUJA, NIGERIA – Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, has outlined 15 key points he believes judges should consider while delivering judgments on the petitions filed by aggrieved politicians over the outcome of the recently concluded 2023 general elections.

Dr Enenche disclosed the 15 points on Sunday, March 26, 2023, while leading his congregation in prayer for the country.

Describing the 2023 general elections as unbelievable, the cleric noted that Nigeria may not have experienced such elections in the past. He also highlighted that over 100 petitions followed the elections.

Enenche prayed for the country’s justice system administrators to receive grace and help from God in making the right decisions during this sensitive period.

The pastor’s 15 notable points emphasise values such as personal integrity, impartiality, justice, and fairness. Among the points are recommendations that judges should make decisions they can defend before God, that will leave them with no regrets and that their families can be proud of.

The outspoken cleric encourages judges to consider the long-term consequences of their decisions, focusing on choices that will increase confidence in the Nigerian judiciary and create a positive impact for future generations.

Here are the 15 points summarised by our friends at Vanguard.

1. Whatever you can defend at the end of your life before God, the Judge of all judges, the Lord of all lords, do it.

2. Whatever you will be proud of yourself for at the end of the day, do it.

3. Whatever your children and family can be proud of you for at the end of the day, do it.

4. Whatever you want your nation and generation to remember you for, do it.

5. Whatever will leave you with zero regrets at the end of your life’s journey, do it.

6. Whatever you will do again in 50 years’ time if you were to live your life over, do it.

7. Whatever you will do if neither fear, finance nor favour is a consideration, do it.

8. Whatever will provoke for you the applause of both God and man, do it.

9. Whatever is in the spirit of justice, fairness and good character, do it.

10. Whatever will not hunt your conscience for years to come, do it.

11. Whatever does not constitute the miscarriage of justice and the abortion of truth, do it.

12. Whatever will increase the confidence of the Nation and the world in the impartiality and integrity of the Nigerian judiciary, do it.

13. Whatever will increase the respect, regard, dignity and value of the Nigerian judiciary in the eyes of the nation and the world at large, do it.

14. Whatever does not lead to the vindication of evil and the vilification of good, do it; whatever will not justify evil and crucify good, do it.

15. Whatever will constitute a positive and transformative reference and authority for generations to come, do it.

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