Pastor Tries To Walk On Water Like Jesus And Drowns In Front...

Pastor Tries To Walk On Water Like Jesus And Drowns In Front Of Horrified Congregation

By Ekemini Ekwere | News Reporter on January 2, 2014

Recently a pastor in Gabon tried to do what Jesus did and it ended tragically.

In the history of man, only one person is reported to have walked on water and that is Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, Pastor Franck Kabele decided to demonstrate this constant preaching to his congregation in the capital city of Libreville, that he too could do what Jesus did while on earth.

The 35-year-old pastor marched his congregation to a Gabon beach side. While referencing Matthew 14:22 – 33, Kabele said he had received a revelation which told him that with enough faith, he could achieve what Jesus was able to do too.

According to eye-witness reports, he told his congregation to watch him as he crossed the Kombo estuary by foot, a journey which takes 20 minutes by boat.

Sadly, as he stepped into the water, Kabele sunk with each step and was soon submerged. He drowned before his terrified congregation.

This incident leaves one wondering if there was nobody among them who could swim who could have jumped in and rescued their pastor. Or could it be a case of fear for the man of God and not wanting to interferre in the ”miracle” of God? Or did they think he was still making the journey underwater?

Nobody knows. But this is not the first time a pastor would attempt to demonstrate his divine powers. At Ibadan Zoo, in 2013, a self-proclaimed Prophet claimed that he would do what Daniel did by shutting the mouth of the lions. And he walked into a den full of lions against the repeated advice of the zoo keepers.

NG Newspapers reports that the ‘prophet’ called the zoo keepers enemies of progress and in front of a watching crowd, he entered the cage full lions in a long red robe.

Within seconds, the lions tore the ‘prophet’ into pieces and ate him up.


  1. A couple of yahoos with Faith filling up the space built for rational thinking meet foolish but well-earned demises. But reasonable well-thought out commentary regarding these as clear examples of why intelligent folks should stop acting as though stories and myth are literal truth and a valid basis on which to base adult decisions and otherwise behaving like toddlers are entirely absent. Instead, there are quotes from the aforementioned silly “holy” books and confident views that the mistake these men made was pissing off the imaginary entity that they worshipped.

    I would ask if you people ever made the tiniest attempt to think critically about the nonsensical drivel floating around in your heads or even bothered to listen to the nonsense coming out of your mouths, if the answer wasn’t already so very clearly a resounding ‘no.’

    Really folks, there is no remotely valid excuse for actively trying to never ever use the brain in your head for thinking.

    • Sorry Thomas, I don’t mean to be rude but I cant understand you. Are you saying its wrong to believe in something or what?

      • He’s saying that people just say
        “That’s god teachin him not to tempt god, and that there’s why he got killt.”
        instead of
        “Wow, that man was really convinced that he could do it, and what is faith besides being convinced of something? Perhaps our understanding of a god is wrong. Maybe the bible is not as literal as I thought. Or maybe this poor man died because he was kind of brainwashed into believing that a book we have no way of ever validating or proving lent to his demise.”

  2. True prophets and teachers of the Word have a humility that requires no form of overt showmanship.
    In this day and age the wisest of the teachers are found through an equally humble and selfless act of attention – by those capable of hearing and understanding the truth being told – even though they may not know they are disposed to such hearing and understanding.
    And the lesson of life, of faith, is told by the blessed in many forms in order to reach those who though they would hear, are not found in the common places of the ordinary believers. A tradition you surely recognise.

    • Ben, I like your perspective. Though we are assuming he just drowned cause maybe he couldn’t swim? Its all very tragic. I have a question? Why didn’t the horrified congregation jump in to save him? Whatever happened to saving a drowning man?

  3. Miracles differ greatly from magic. If it’s done for entertainment or for selfish intrest it’s magic. Entertainment miracles as far as am concern is magic.

  4. Really sad indeed what religion has been turned into. Completely different from what I grew up knowing. I fear for the coming generations. I really do.

  5. This? This is absurd. And wherever that pastor is right now? I’m sure he’d be feeling really foolish. I don’t understand..Jesus walked on water, and so did his disciple (through the help of Jesus) to teach the act of faith…if this never happened? And the bible is a fake? Well then, whoever wrote it was still trying to pass a message. Now, I’m still trying to understand what the dude thought he was doing, or who or what he thought gave him a revelation, vision or whatsoever…I mean, it’s just plain stupid of him. Just like moving mountains. If you asked me? I’d say he couldn’t achieve it because he didn’t have that faith…and then again…maybe because it’s impossible. The absurdity of this story beats me. I’m not surprised though…the same mistake will happen again.

  6. in life we have both genuine and fake. Talking about about genuine God’s Prophet of this time… T.B. Joshua on my mind. By their fruits we shall know them.

  7. Dynamo the Magician walked on water in London over the river Thames. ….. how come nobody seems to have heard of him in Religious Nigeria

  8. if any one of you here does not believe in God, let him keep his silly opinions to himself….. One thing i am sure of is that no man whatsoever will live forever! and when you eventually die, you must face the dreadful judge ! If only any of you can tell me the shape and colour of air, and where it comes from… then you have made a point! but if u cant SHUT YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE GOD EXISTS….. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS

  9. Whatever happened to saving a drowning man? Whatever happened to saving a drowning man? Whatever happened to saving a drowning man? Whatever happened to saving a drowning man? Whatev…

  10. I just wish people stop using religion to make other people less faithful..dynamo impossible and Chris angel have walked on water in recent time…no tricks no gimmicks..but they are both magicians,and not hiding under the cover of wonder why people feel God doesn’t exist?..because of stories like this one from gabon..or .where hospitals are filled with the sick and pastors have massive accounts,where insecurity is a national bane and religious leaders close their ears to boko haram insurgence and “pray” for the country but never hesitate to collect tithes and build mansions and buy the latest vanities…think through all these things and you will know why faith in God is dwindling…because of acts of you and i….

  11. All d comment posted here none really impress me. Even d bible said my people suffering from lack of knowledge. It’s a pity that those prophets allowed d devil to deceive them. Daniel was forced into d lion den, He(daniel) didn’t enter there by himself, if there was a way for Him to escape He would have done that. And Jesus crossed water because there was no other option( alternative) before u study d bible invite the Holy Spirit for understanding. And mind u, it is only a big fool that will think or believe that there is no God. The Bible said; be wise like serpent and be calm like a dove. God comes in when there is no other way out and when u are being over powered! God bless u all.

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