Pastor Who Lied That Jonathan Bribed CAN With N7 Billion Apologises To...

Pastor Who Lied That Jonathan Bribed CAN With N7 Billion Apologises To Oritsejafor, Oyedepo

By Pius Godsday | Politics Reporter on March 24, 2016
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Barely one year after his allegation that former President Goodluck Jonathan, allegedly gave out N7 billion to the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), to facilitate and support his re-election, controversial pastor and executive director of the Voice of Northern Christian Movement (VNCM), Kallamu Musa Dikwa, has eaten his words by apologising to the people his maligned.

Specifically, he apologised to the president of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor; president and senior pastor of Living Faith Worldwide aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo and secretary, National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF), Pastor Bosun Emmanuel.

Bosun Emmanuel shares his discussions with Musa Dikwa during an interview with Religious Affairs Correspondents on Thursday, March 24, 2016 in Abuja.

Several calls, SMS and email to Musa Dikwa, for response were not replied, while his telephone remained on ‘busy’ mode.

Full text of Pastor Emmanuel’s statement reads thus…

He said, “It would be recalled that during the electioneering campaign leading to the 2015 elections, Musa Dikwa addressed a press conference in which he claimed three ministers of the gospel, the President of CAN (Oritsejafor), Bishop David Oyedepo, and myself [Pastor Bosun Emmanuel] received N7 billion from the Jonathan administration to mobilise ministers of the gospel nationwide to campaign for his re-election.

“The story was started by the former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi who claimed the sum of N6 billion was given to pastors to campaign for Jonathan’s re-election. It was the story of Amaechi that Musa Dikwa latched onto and insisted that it was not N6 billion but N7 billion and proceeded to mention the names of the three ministers of the gospel. As we could recall, Rotimi Amaechi was the director of the campaign for the election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, now President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We met Musa Dikwa personally in Jos on Wednesday 12th August, 2015. I sat directly facing him for almost three hours and Musa Dikwa did not know he was talking to the pastor he lied against. We were interested in finding out, “Were you there when the money was being shared”? No, he was not.

“Was the money shared in Naira?” “No, it was in dollars”. It was the conversion that made it N7 billion. “So, if you were not there, how did you know money was being shared and the purpose for which it was shared?” He was informed by a CAN official in Abuja who told him to come quickly and collect his own share.

“Ironically, the CAN official Musa Dikwa mentioned as the informant was also one of the people who got Musa Dikwa arrested by DSS for carrying unsubstantiated story, and the same man is also one of the five respondents in the N300 million suit of Musa Dikwa against Department of State Security Services (DSS). (He gave us photocopies) The big question is, if the man Musa mentioned as the source of the N7 billion Naira story is truly the source, why would the same man invite DSS to arrest him, and why would Musa join the man as a respondent in a N300 million lawsuit? Musa Dikwa claimed that the DSS violated his Human Rights by arresting him.

“Now, see who is heading for court? What right does he have to complain of the violation of his rights? What if I should sue Musa Dikwa N500 million for defamation of character?

“Anyway, he apologised for including the name of Pastor Bosun Emmanuel in the story and even assured us that he would call another press conference to clear Pastor Bosun. So far, he has not done that. The implication is that even the inclusion of CAN President and Bishop Oyedepo in the campaign of calumny could also be false.

“The following day, 13th August, 2015, Musa came again to meet us at our lodging and disclosed the name of the person who specifically instructed him to include my name. He mentioned the name of one of the APC pastors based in Lagos. So it became clear what happened. My name was included to discredit the WAKE UP CALL CD, while, (I think) Bishop Oyedepo was included because he came out openly to declare support for Jonathan and the president of CAN was mentioned to divide the church. It was a classical APC campaign by deception.

“It is not impossible that some clerics collected money to campaign for politicians on both sides during the elections. That could have happened amongst Muslim clerics and Christian clergy. But, this N7 billion story is hogwash. I can say categorically that I have never collected a kobo from a politician or government official in my life to do Christian ministry. Musa Dikwa LIED against me, but thank God, he confessed.

“For now, I will allow the issue to rest and I will encourage Musa Dikwa to remember all the admonitions and counsel that ministers of the gospel gave him during the meeting. A member of the body cannot be doing injury to the body. Peddling false information is not a Christian virtue.”

Sign: Pastor Bosun Emmanuel
March 24, 2016


  1. It’s a shame a pastor can allow himself to be dragged to the mud this way by the same people who could use and dump him. It’s common among politicians, not among pastors. He should also ask for forgiveness from God and the Christian body.

  2. This is the reason the current administration is lobbying to mount a northern cleric as the next CAN president, so the can do the bidding of the islamizers of Nigeria for some cool cash

  3. Sorry, I’m yet to see apology here. The report said his line was called but he did not pick, SMS not answered. He did not speak personally. How can we now prove that he apologies? Apologies are not done like that. They are done openly, not secretly. I did not even read where he begged Oritsejafor. The story is not true, please! I beg to defer.

  4. Big Boyo are you saying that the caliber of can president and pastor oyedepo would never stood so low to collect bribe from anybody.believe it or not.

  5. Comment:
    it is an attempt to ridicule d leadership of CAN n d body which rotimi ameachi began but one thing for both of them is that they hv’nt paid d price yet, for u can’t break an edge n not expect d serpent’s sting,so dikwa n rotimi should be prepare for both shall be a living example of what will happen to a lying lips against servants of God.honestly is just a shame that both sold their souls to APC to be used.

  6. Musa should be removed as the VNCM director immediately, someone once told me that Musa regrated supporting PMB, because they forget about him after the election. He should tell the world how much the pay him to betray the body of CHRIST.

  7. It is very unfortunate, but we all know that Judas Ischariot was one of the twelve and one who was trusted. So let us pray that he soon realize and ask for forgiveness from the Men of God and above all from God otherwise he will die like Judas.

  8. Apology, my foot. The open support by those shameless pastors who went about teaching th history of Turkey n Constantinople instead of preaching the gospel is bad enof. We still reTonymember Oritsajefor’s jet saga. Maybe we should expect apology from South Africa, too. This story about a fake apology from a pastor Dikwa shows CAN cannot change but remains pack of shameless money mongers.

  9. Orisejafor, oyedepo and the rest are a disgrace to all Christians. Every one among them is guilty, people sell kosai, firewood, beg on streets,all manner of jobs to survive and people like the so called Reverends, can chairman, directors, ceo of churches sit to loot and steal? While the people cry for hunger, starvation, insugency? GOD WILL SURELY JUDGE ALL OF U. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THE PRIVATE JET OF ORISEJAFOR THAT WAS CAUGHT WITH ARMS MONEY IN SOUTH AFRICA PLS. TUFIAKWA!!!

    • Some people can open their septic tank like Esther Buwanhot Madaki above to talk against God’s anointed. You are not afraid? Remember how the earth opened up and swallowed those who did such against Moses, and the scriptures cannot be broken… You will definitely be snared by the consequences of your unbridled tongue. Watch out, you better repent.

  10. Esther big mumu, why re so foolish, dat u even open ur useless month to speak nonsense against men of God, repent or what happened to those who spoke against. Moses will happen to u nd ur family

  11. u don’t hv de right to insuit man of god did u kwns u ar telling de truth or not infact u ar not de one dat call dem as servants of god. U better shut yr mouth don’t let god be angry with u i no my papa ayo orisejafor wouldn’t do dat . God we judge people dat critices him.

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