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Peter Obi Denounces Misinformation, Reaffirms Commitment to ‘A New Nigeria’

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LAGOS, Nigeria — Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, took to Twitter on Saturday, July 15, 2023, to decry an increasing wave of fake news reports falsely attributed to him, describing it as a symptom of an ailing political environment wherein media manipulation has become rampant.

Obi, former governor of Anambra State, affirmed his commitment to continue speaking on crucial national issues through legitimate news outlets, assuring that he would not be swayed by “cheap distractive trolls.”

“I have noticed with dismay, an emerging pattern where fake media reports and news items are predicated on interviews and press remarks I never granted,” Obi wrote on his verified Twitter handle.

He pointed to two recent instances of fraudulent reporting: one purported interview on Arise TV discussing his intent to run for office in 2027 and another on his reaction to potential federal government appointees.

He categorically denied giving such interviews.

“Regrettably, our politics have sunken to this abysmal level where manipulation of the media space is now a trade,” Obi lamented.

Despite the alarming trend of false reports, Obi remains steadfast in his commitment to the Obidient Movement’s mission of crafting a new Nigeria.

His focus, he emphasized, is not on personal gain or political positions but rather on the task of aligning the nation on the right path and uplifting the disenfranchised within society.

He stated, “Our emphasis has never been on political positions or personal aggrandizement, but on putting the nation on the right footing and deepening our democracy by helping to elevate and empower the downtrodden in our society. That was why our messages during the electioneering campaigns were all issue-driven.”

Obi’s determination in the face of these challenges illuminates the ongoing struggle against fake news within Nigeria’s political arena, highlighting the urgent need for an overhaul in media ethics and transparency.

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