Nigeria is an incredibly beautiful location, filled with many natural landmarks and an abundance of wildlife reserves for you to explore. Therefore, those who enjoy taking striking photographs and showing off their photography skills will love nothing more than discovering this country. Here are the most photogenic Nigerian landmarks.

Tafewa Balewa Square, Race Course, Lagos Island
Tafewa Balewa Square, Race Course, Lagos Island
Tafawa Balewa Square

Lagos Island as a whole is an incredibly beautiful island to explore, and travelers should take their time when it comes to sightseeing the island. Tafawa Balewa Square is located near the National Museum of Lagos, and is used for many public celebrations. There are many prominent and eye-catching statues to capture with your lens, and its grand appearance and history means you’ll photograph a landmark with substance.

Olomu Rock Landmarks
Olumo Rock, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Olumo Rock

Oluma Rock is a popular tourist attraction due to its rich history. During the 19th Century, the Egba people used it as a fortress due to its ability to provide sanctuary and great vantage point so they could monitor their enemies – slowly, their population grew and they settled in the ancient city of Abeokuta. With such great views of the surrounding area, you can capture landscape photographs of the Ogun River and even wildlife. Digiscoping is ideal for such great distances, and companies such as Phone Skope sell such equipment.

Gurara Falls Landmarks
Gurara Falls, Niger State, Nigeria
Gurara Falls

Visit these falls at their most dramatic throughout July to September. If you do visit during the dry season (December to March) though, it’s also a pleasant and pretty scenery to explore. You can also take a swim, as the water isn’t as rough. Gurara Falls can be at least 30 meters in width during the rainy season, meaning it’s something to behold. It’s also a great location for a picnic.

Owu Falls, Nigeria
Owu Falls

Notorious and best known for being the steepest waterfall in the whole of West Africa, Owu Falls is popular among tourists because it’s an idyllic location perfect for photo opportunities. For a dramatic photo, and like the Gurara Falls, visit during the rainy months. Owu Falls is a unique but stunning location for those wanting to see something different during their holiday.

The National Arts Theater, Iganmu, Lagos
The National Arts Theater

For those who wish to capture aesthetically pleasing architecture, The National Arts Theater will certainly deliver. The construction was completed in 1976, therefore, the structure is fairly new. It was also built for the Festival of Arts and Culture in 1977. Nowadays, tourists will flock to the building to witness its strange and striking circular design.

Cross River National Park
A road winds through the mountains in Cross River State in southeastern Nigeria. | Christopher Scott/Gallo Images, via Gety Images
Cross River National Park

If you want to dive straight into the wilderness and experience tropical flora and fauna, the Cross River National Park hosts a wonderful display of tropical rainforest and wildlife. This particular park is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa, and is a biodiversity hot spot, and there are many rare species of primate you may be lucky to capture, such as drills and Cross River gorillas. Recently, the park has been given the motto “The Pride of Nigeria,” and the Nigerian Federal Government wish to invest in eco-tourism in the hopes of securing a better and more sustainable future.

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