‘In A Proper Country, Saraki Should Be In Prison’ – Former Minister

‘In A Proper Country, Saraki Should Be In Prison’ – Former Minister

By Augustine Ogwo | Staff Reporter on September 24, 2015
Senate President Bukola Saraki

Former minister of state for Education, Kenneth Gbagi on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 urged senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki to resign over the charges leveled against him by the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, Gbagi stated that Saraki’s trial at the CCT will adversely affect the integrity of the senate.

“We have a problem in Nigeria where we don’t have people of honor, dignity and integrity. The mere fact that the senate president has lied by doing anticipatory declaration means he is a thief and he has no business being a senate president living with tax payers money. First Nigerians will not have faith in anything that comes out of his senate that is shared or presented by that kind of person.

“The entire international community will not believe in the passage of any Bill under his leadership. So it is in the interest of his own self just with the name of the father left to get lost, having lied on oath. So if you ask me that is the end of him. He is gone. And like several other government where you think you get in and it will be business as usual, it is not true. He should find another profession. Politically he is gone,” he explained.

The ex minister believes that those senators who are drumming support for the senate president would be exposed soon as they are trying to hold the country to ransom.

“Those senators themselves are going to be cleaned out. They think it is business as usual and they think like before they will want to hold the government to ransom, it’s a lie. Nigerians will go to the streets. It’s not going to be possible. We have had too many setbacks in our body polity as a result of criminals, hijacking the reins of government.

“There is no way he is going to do it. The declarations are obvious, the documents are there. You cannot give Buhari money as bribe that is the day Nigerians will take him to the cleaners. So if you ask me it is a fait accompli that matter is done with,” he further explained.

According to Gbagi, Saraki should be in prison for false declaration of assets.

“If Saraki was a human being with that document, that he falsely declared, in a proper country he should be in prison already. And I think Buhari is not doing enough. The only reason why America is still a country is no matter who you are once you cross the rules of the law you must pay for it. Until we get to that level, we are just wasting out time.

“First and foremost, he cannot be seen to sit in that house now as senate president because Whatever he does questions the integrity of the entire senate and as such why do you want to waste time. This is a collection of nations that have come together and you say you want to be senate president and then you false declared,” Gbagi stated.

The former minister also urged President Buhari to sack  the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Lamorde if he wants Nigerians to have faith in his government.

“Buhari has no business waiting one day longer with Lamorde as EFCC chairman. The entire world is calling me saying they won’t have faith in the government of Buhari if Lamorde continues to be there as chairman of EFCC. There is no song Buhari will sing about corruption, as long as Lamorde remains there are chairman, it will be a ruse and a lie,” he stated with an air of finality


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