How To Creating Fundraising Page To Receive Online Donations

How To Creating Fundraising Page To Receive Online Donations

By Ali Dino | Tech Contributor on July 16, 2018
crowdfunding online donations

Today, there are a lot of charity fundraisings for various purposes available out there. Basically, the method applied for the fundraising is easy to conduct especially if you can receive it via online. Creating a fundraising website is one of the best ways to start. Here are some basics to help you create and build the website.

Fundraising Software to Save Time and Effort

The first thing to do is finding the rightest fundraising software to help. This is very important since building software requires an intensive process to make it work. With the fundraising software, you will be able to save time and efforts. There are a lot of website developers out there to opt.

Most of them also come with interesting offerings to help clients with nonprofit fundraising concept to optimize their website page. Instead of building a page for donations on your own, you can use the service provider of fundraising software to save your money.

Once you ask for the developer’s help, there will be the team to create the page content and manage it for your interest. All you need to do is just back to your seat and enjoy all the ease provided by the agent. Just make sure that you pick up a fundraising software provider that comes with useful features such as WordPress Donate Plugin to make the donation process runs smoothly.

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Integrate Your Online Marketing with Email Marketing Tool

The next thing you should put into consideration is integrating your online marketing with email marketing tool. It is needed since the information about the donators should be synced instantly to your email marketing platform once they fill out your page of donations. As result, the donators will be included automatically in the fundraising campaign through your email without you have to do more efforts relate to it. In this way, it will make it possible for you to save time and energy. This is also to make sure that you can build a good relationship with those who have donated their money for your charity activities.

crowdfunding online donations

The Donation Page Should Offer More Options for Donators

The donation page you create should offer more options for donators to choose. For example, you can provide a shortcut by displaying the suggested giving amounts on the page. It will help your donators to easily fill out the amount of money they want to donate. Not only that, most people generally need cues to help them decide how much they have to donate. Some of them do not want the amount is too small or big. So, the options available will be very helpful.

Match Your Donation Page with Your Brand

Make sure to include your brand in your donation page since your donators want to identify it. the donators will easily feel connections with your organization if you put your mission statement, colors, and logo on the donation page. Avoid using a generic form for the donation page since it is less interesting and will only attract less people to donate.


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