Renovating Your Home? Here Are Tips On Which Room To Start With

Renovating Your Home? Here Are Tips On Which Room To Start With

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Which room in my property should I renovate first?

Do you have a limited amount of savings stored away to allocate towards renovation, and are thinking about where to start in freshening up your home? Take a look at the following list of tips, which might help you to decide which room to get started on first, as well as some different tips to help you along the way.

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen

Many property experts recommend starting with the kitchen as the first area in the home to give the do-over treatment. Not only is it one of the first rooms that people gravitate towards when entering a home for a viewing or visit, but it is also a room that a lot of time is spent in, both in mornings and evenings when preparing or ending each day. This room is also one of the major ones that can increase the value of the property, if looking to sell. Updating your kitchen with some new tiling, work surfaces and appliances can really help to give your home a facelift.

It is important to keep in mind the design of the kitchen when renovating, and how your changes will have an effect on how you can use the area. The kitchen is probably the area of the house that needs to be the most practical, and so while some additions might make the room look better, they might not be worth it if they get in the way of functionality. 

Tip: Less is more

Here’s a useful tip that can get your home looking better without spending much at all: Get rid of the unnecessary. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property on the market, make it look attractive as a landlord to a potential tenant, or even simply spruce it up in preparation for family gatherings and parties over the coming months, this simple tactic can clear a lot of floor and surface space.

Trying to find inspiration? Look to city-living apartment and build projects from companies such as RW Invest. Living in an efficient, compact space in the city-centre, many tenants have to make sure that they’re doing the most with their space, opting for furniture that isn’t too obtuse, and intelligent storage solutions to match.

Once the areas in your home are clear, it should also then give you a clearer vision as to which order you want to go through and spend money renovating.

Tip: Allocate an amount to each room

Once you’re happy with your room looking neat and tidy, take a step back and think about the key points you want to change in each room, and perhaps also separate them into different camps, depending on their importance and cost to figure out a priority list. Remember, only allocate funds relative to the value of the home you have, particularly if you’re looking to sell the home.

The more adventurous might want to look away from the existing rooms they have and actually start to think about how they can utilise unused areas of the home to their maximum potential. It is estimated that most British garages don’t house a car, and many of us often think there’s something that can be done with that space in the loft/attic. If deciding to commit some money to construction, be sure to get in touch with some experts and professionals, who can advise you properly before you start accidentally knocking your house down.


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