Why I Reported Wizkid To The Police – Linda Ikeji Pens Powerful...

Why I Reported Wizkid To The Police – Linda Ikeji Pens Powerful Editorial [MUST READ]

By Linda Ikeji | Op-Ed Contributor on April 17, 2016
Nigeria's top blogger, Linda Ikeji | Olorisupergal

I am sure many of you have read that the police is now involved in my issue with Wizkid. Yes, I reported his public threat to me two Sundays ago to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and I want to explain why I did it! Please pay attention and keep an open mind.

I’ve read a lot online from people saying I don’t like Wizkid. Even Wizkid himself thinks I don’t like him. Why he or anyone would think so is puzzling to me to be honest. Apart from his achievements after he started insulting me online a few weeks ago…everything else, every success Wizkid has recorded in the last 3/4 years is on LIB. All the awards, all the record breaking feats, his sold out concerts, his foreign magazine features, and collaborations, everything that has built him up to the young man he is today is on LIB. Please verify! Search my blog. Please continue…

I was a huge Wizkid fan. The only song I danced harder to than his ‘Dance For Me’ track was Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna and Kiss Daniel & DJ Shabzy’s Raba. So, no, I had no dislike for Wizkid. But about a year ago, I noticed his indirect snide remarks at me…and when some other music star beefed with me, Wizkid showed his support and made disrespectful comments. That was when I noticed he had issues with me… but that didn’t stop me from writing about him and celebrating him.

Now to the issue at hand. When I reported that he was served quit notice at his Lekki home, I stated fact and I didn’t write it out of malice. It’s not everyday you get exclusive stories…and I’m sure any other blogger who got the story first would also have published it. So, there was no beef, I was just doing my job.

A day or so after I wrote this story, Wizkid went on my instagram page to call me names and lied that I slept with some director of his…which I have said before is 1000% lies! But the insult and lies is not why the police is now involved. Here’s the thing; You can insult me, insult my family, call me any names you like, even lie that I slept with your forefathers…but don’t threaten me. If you threaten me, I will act!

I read people online saying that I reported to the police because I am scared of Wizkid. No, my darlings, I am not afraid of Wizkid. Though I do not take his threats lightly. I went to the authorities for two reasons…and please young boys of our generation, pay attention to what I am about to write below.

You see, violence against women and threat of violence against women is not okay. Threatening harm to someone in a public space is a criminal act in every country of the world, including Nigeria. I bet some of you didn’t know that, yeah? You can not publicly threaten someone with harm. You will only get away with it if your victim doesn’t report to the authorities. If they do, you will have a case with the police and I promise you, the police take these things seriously. I reported this case to the authorities because I want our young men to know this is not okay. You should not raise your hands on a woman. You shouldn’t even threaten to raise your hands on a woman.

Wizkid wrote that he would send his 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of me. Letting Wizkid get away with it is basically telling our young men that this is okay…and it’s not! After Wizkid made the threat to me, I saw a lot of teen boys hailing and applauding him. To them, this was okay. If their idol can threaten a woman with harm, and use derogatory words, they also can do it…and that’s how the circle of abuse of women continues. Women being called ‘smelly pussy’ trended online for a day or two! Little boys were happy to use the words. Sad!

It is appalling to me that anyone, especially women, would cheer Wizkid on. When he wrote RIP Linda, I saw a few young girls write same, laughing. This is not a laughing matter. It doesn’t matter whether you like me or not! This is not about Linda Ikeji. This is about abuse of women which has eaten deep into our society, so deep that it has now been accepted as normal. Men do it all the time and get away with it. So many women are battered by their husbands and they refuse to speak up because of the stigma. They refuse to seek help because they are afraid of what people will say. I am sorry, I am not one of those women. I refuse to be victimized. And as long as I have my voice and my platform, I will speak up.

We women have to come together to lend a strong voice to the plight of women in our continent. When we see a woman being physically and mentally abused, let’s act. Let’s speak up. Let’s not laugh and say she deserves it. If we continue to keep quiet, the circle of abuse will continue. And one day, You, yes You, will find yourself in the receiving end of a thundering slap, followed by heavy blows. If not you, then maybe your daughter? Let’s condemn violence and threat of violence against women! This is not acceptable!

Young men like Wizkid, a father of two young boys himself, should never advocate violence against women. One day, he will have a daughter, how would he feel if another male threatens to put hands on her or even calls her a hoe? I can’t count how many times Wizkid called me a hoe in his rant against me. That’s what boys do. When they get into a fight with a woman, they try to slut-shame her. Smelly pussy, hoe, ashawo etc. You call a woman, who gave another young woman, whose real name she doesn’t even know N500,000 just because she said she would rather work by carrying cement than prostitute herself, that’s the person you call a hoe? When your mind is so warped you can’t differentiate between a woman and a hoe, then this is what happens.

Except you drive to Sanusi Fanfuwa at 2am to pick up a prostitute, who proudly describes herself as one, then you shouldn’t call any woman a hoe. Even Tupac who was a well known thug could differentiate between the types of women he dealt with. When asked in an interview why he called women bitches, he said people shouldn’t confuse things, that he wouldn’t address a mother or a sister the way he would address a bitch, that the bitches were the ones he dealt with in the clubs who behaved like one. He reiterated that he respected women!

In more civilized countries, Wizkid would have lost his endorsements and spent the next year or so apologizing and being in the fore-front of promoting anti-violence crusades against women. It took Chris Brown years to get back on his feet after his assault on a woman. Up till today, he doesn’t have any major endorsements and some countries still deny him entrance into their country i.e Australia for something he did 7 years ago. Yes, violence against women is serious!

And there’s the case of incitement. When you have power and influence, you have to be careful what you say in public. Because you have such power, something you say can influence your followers. A fan can commit acts that even you may not support or might not even condone. But because it came out of your mouth, they think you mean it. So it is irresponsible to say things that might be inciteful.

In Law, you can be held responsible when people act based on what you said in public. Tupac was charged to court and indicted after some thugs killed a police officer. The thugs went to court and mentioned that their idol encouraged violence against LA police officers in a song where he said ‘Drop a cop’. So, we folks with some measure of influence should be more careful with our utterances. People are watching and listening!

The second reason I filed a police report is to encourage other women in similar situations to do same. My dear ladies, if a man threatens to puts hands on you, and you feel the threat is real, report to the authorities. Don’t wait until he does it. What if you don’t survive it? If he’s picked up and may be charged to court (yes, you can be charged to court for making threats…it’s a misdemeanor with a prison sentence), then he will think twice before making threats against you in the future or any other woman for that matter. I went as far as I did for me and for other women.

This is to pass a strong message to our young men that these kinds of behaviour towards women will not be tolerated. Should not be tolerated. If you assault or even threaten to assault a woman, the law will come after you if she chooses not to be silent. Women, don’t be silent. Let’s break the circle. For your sake, for my sake, for the sake of our daughters, grand daughters, great grand daughters and all other women that will follow them. And that’s really all I have to say in the matter.

Thank you guys for reading And to Wizkid fans, please be rest assured that I wish him all the best in life. He will continue to grow from strength to strength (as long as he doesn’t endorse violence against women) and his light will never diminish. God brought him to this level and will continue to keep him. I have nothing but love for his craft and hope that one day, we will put this behind us. God bless him, me, you and everyone else in the world. Cheers.

Linda Ikeji is Nigeria’ top blogger, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She owns Linda Ikeji’s Blog

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. So Linda had to call in for back up. This is between you and wizkid not other women. Speak about you and wizkid or speak about women not all in one!, don’t confuse everyone, thanks.

  2. I really appreciate d method u use in handling dis issue with u and wiskid it shows ur maturity and intelligence dat God as given u. I totally in support of ur action dis we serve as a wake up call 2 all women out there not 2 allow any man threatened or abuse Dem in any form and 2 serve as a deterrent 2 every man out there who may harbour or have capacity of doing such tin 2 women dat he should tink twice. May God continue 2 be with u.

  3. Playing the gender card to whip up sentiments to settle personal score Leave women out of this and face the consequences of making a living out of prying into other people’s lives and business

  4. Linda u don d right it but I think o apologize 2 him ok and let evreytin end in ur story u show dat u are mature pls just end it ok

  5. Wizkid is an idiot for threatening to do body harm to Linda. It is a problem in Nigeria and some parts of the world. A man feels he can beat a woman and get away with it.

    This can end his career for real if he is not careful. Its one thing to do wack songs or whatever he does, and its another thing for the record companies and distributors not to yank it due to lobbyists and pressure groups, Wizkid should get over himself, bloggers blog about happenings in entertainment. If he can’t stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen. Such idiocy.

  6. Linda, it is obvious that are a misunderstood person. Your article is thought provoken ….well written… well crafted…you have just showed why are the top most blogger in Nigeria. You are smart and erudite and I appreciate the content of your current treatise on WizKid. You behaved like a big sister and an adult throughout this unfortunate episode of your supposed beef with WizKid. Violence against women and especially the girl child is real and is fast becoming a norm in Nigeria and it is imperative and germane that real men pick the initiative to denounce such a heunious idiosyncratic behavioural attitude of our men and boys and put a stop to it. I have 3 daughters and a son and I won’t want any harm to come to them.

  7. Well said Linda. I have never read your blogs until the wiz kid saga and I must say that even though these sort of criticism comes with the territory, you have shown great restraint and maturity. To all the people saying she’s playing the gender card, good luck to you in your opinion as it’s obvious your incapable of seeing the big picture. I hope you never have to defend any female in your lineage against violence or the threat of it from any male. I used to be a wiz-kid fan but I really don’t care about his art anymore (case study-Chris brown). From all that’s ensued, wizzy doesn’t deserve and cannot handle the responsibility and maturity that come with being a celebrity and a role model. Good luck to you all.

  8. Seriously you guys can end this,life is too short to be keeping enemies and grudges.Lindy and Wizy give it a trial….U can do it.

  9. linda,heard about you before whizkid became someone,For me you have done well.keep posting facts and you will be vindicated.

  10. Your article was well written but its too long my dear. Next time make your point with few works. Anyways i think wizkid or any man should not get away with any threat or threat to harm any woman. Its high time we stopped me thinking they can do anything and get away with it. Enough is Enough.

  11. We are all here patting linda in the back for this so long an epistle. Lets not be obnoxiously carried away by sentimental concoctions well written. If linda was this much an advocate she should have risen in defence of disadvantaged, brutalised women long before now. She didnt have to wait for whizkids threat. I have read Linda’s article through and through and i didn’t see any line where she wrote that she verified her information from whizy before publishing. Come on people how many of us can take being told the world about what is not true about us. Even when such info was true, how many of us will like our private information thrown to the world? Being a public figure does not mean one hasnt the other life to live as the mere mortal one is Linda wrote in her essay that one should not make incitive statements. But nothing is as incitive as divulging a private information without the permission of the protagonist of such private information We wouldnt be here embarrasssed with linda dragging a young boy to the police commissioner if she had followed the right step of confirming information from those affected before rushing to publish them. Whizkid is not the only one that has suffered this. Linda is a good writer and has done well in her zeal to excel as a blogger but in doing so she has stepped on many necks. There are many out there pointing a red finger at linda for throwing around information that were either half truths or no truth at all. The likes of solomon akiyesi the nollywood actor Linda claimed abandined his wife in ph for another marriage in lagos will have Linda’s two arms for dinner if he catches her. Lets verify facts before rushing to press in the name of wanting to be the one who breaks the news. When you stumble unto an info, make your findings right before rushing to press to avoid dragging a young boy to court under the mundane excuse of fighting for disadavantaged women

    • It appears as if you don’t know Linda Ikeji. Ignorant commentary doesn’t gain respect. Linda’s whole professional life – even before she became famous was about women empowerment. Check her blog. Search back to 2010, 2011 and check what she has been writing about girls, women power, etc and all she has done to help women.

    • Prince, I fail to see your point. Everyone commenting about Linda’s women advocacy has missed the point and those even making this case to be a private issue between Whizkid & Linda are even more wrong. It is time Nigerians learnt that violence in whatever form does not solve any problem and it is even more reprehensible for a key figure in the society, seen as a role model to condone or even exhibit such tendencies. That said, what about our touted cultural values of respect for our elders? Or is that only permissible if it involves a particular section of the country or a particular gender?

  12. This is not about men or boys in our society, you chose a career that comes with violence, risky and it will definitely come to you. You either quit while your safe or it will catch up with you. The issue of using gender in solving your problem portrays you as being weak. Police won’t save you when you cause people sadness in their life, your living off by causing harm to people… please face your fight and leave gender issue out of it. It your choice..live with it.

  13. reporting to the police is okay but u have to go and get married and stop pick nosing into ppls private life. look for something better to do wt ur life.

  14. Linda , you are absolutely right, in the Western world he could have been in deep trouble by now, but thanks for letting it pass, to some who are fond of writing “prying into someone’s affair” , wake up to the reality of life, this is computer age, there are bloggers everywhere, keep your affairs clean, in the advanced world functional CCTV abounds everywhere, it may soon be the same in Nigeria, how many people will you try to scare away from exposing your evil.

  15. Linda has done well by reporting to the police and talking about this issue. Linda is a bloger. That’s is what she doesn’t for a living. She writes about the good, the bad and the ugly of people in the limelight. It is what happens to people who are celebrities. If you think she has gone too far with her write up, take it up with her. That’s is why as celebrities you should have your press people that help you handle your stuff with the likes of Linda. Maybe Linda went too far, but that is not enough for Wizkid to threaten her. A threat to one woman is a threat to all. Go girl. It doesn’t matter what we say, if it feels good by you, go ahead.

  16. Linda, this is the height of maturity I have ever seen, you are a good woman with honor, keep the mind of love in you going, I couldn’t help it after reading this article, wow, having a heart of gold is a virtue so rare. Thanks for forgiving him so so easily and even wishing him well after all the insults on you

  17. Nicely written. But just one observation. You rightly stated that ‘you folks with some influence’ should be careful with what u say to your fans. That leaves me wondering what you hoped to achieve by your flagrant display of your luxury items to your fans, mostly young single and unemployed women. Are u trying to encourage them to work as hard as you? Or just saying they should do all it takes to have those things as well.? If you must know, your are acheiving the later. Thank you

  18. Wiz kid is a boy ,when he grows up to a man ,he will act a such. Linda don’t mind through fool,if he can deny his son and the baby mama ,he is capable of doing anything.he is a compound fool.I love you for showing your maturity

  19. Please Linda we all know how nosy you are to get stories but my sister you also know how dangerous its to write about someone’s private life without verifications its annoying , stop using people’s private lives to make leaving all in the name of blogging and when the consequences of that arise you will be the one crying foul….am not in support of him but stop deeping deep in one’s private issues because you want make money some people may not tell you what they will do to you but will hunt you down when you least expect it…just be careful how you expose one’s privacy please. !!!

  20. Hi Linda, it’s d first time I will ever leave a comment on any of your thread. But I will like to let u understand that anyone that wants to hurt you will not even post his intention publicly. When you post stories of people, it seems like you r just doing ur job. But do you ever consider what effects it leaves on the subject?
    I just hope you see reasons why Wizkid is obviously angry. Do not mistake me for a Wizkid fan cos I am not. Just been realistic.
    It’s not every one that will just let a publication of such deformation of character go just like that.
    It’s good you brought the Police in…for protection. But please do not bring in violence against women on this.
    Though we have some bad eggs that treat women badly, but most of us Nigerians respect women a lot, I am a witness to that. God bless u dear, God bless us all. Lets continue to encourage peace.

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