How APC’s So-called Restructuring Report Continues The Fulani Domination Plot (READ)

How APC’s So-called Restructuring Report Continues The Fulani Domination Plot (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on February 7, 2018
Muhammadu Buhari pictured at his inauguration at the Eagle Square, Abuja on May 29, 2015

Do you know that by the Restructuring Committee’s  Recommendations , the Onshore/Offshore Dichotomy has been reintroduced.

By the recommendations, Oil Offshore belong exclusively to the Federal goverment.

This is the reinforcement of the argument of the North, that they own 72% of the land mass in Nigeria and it is because of this land mass that Nigeria has 200 nautical miles into the sea.  Law of the Sea. That is, the  bigger the  land of the country, the more area into the sea, the country has. Therefore, indeed, the North has been arguing that the oil in the sea is theirs because they own more of the land. That is what the Restructuring Committee has recommended and some people are excited. Oil producing states will receive less than the current 13% derivation they are getting if they are not careful. They want to use the law to cheat the oil producing states cloaked in a deceitful garb of Restructuring and deceiving us to believe  that they have given us Resource Control.
Make we shine our eyes ooo.
Joseph Warilayefa Amaoru

That is why they are building railway from Nigeria to Maradi in Niger Republic. They are also sending the Fulani across all territories. In Kogi state last week, about 100 Fulani women and children came over to Oyi area  armed with a letter written by an Emir. The letter was written in Hausa and addressed TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. They were instructed to settle at FG Government Reserved forest. They are women and children. They said their men were on their way. The Kogi Governor is billed to give them C of O. Spiritually and phsically, the Fulani are preparing for their own Republic. They have seen it physically and spiritually.

They take spiritual matters seriously. Before the US invades any country, she first conducts Reece on the ancient spiritual alta which are often destroyed. The Fulani talk less but act swiftly and decisively. Even when they talk they say what they do not mean and mean what they do not say. They are organised, selfless to their cause and are not stupidly stingy in funding their beliefs and their cause. I’m so sure they will never restructure this country. No Fulani will like to give up Lagos ports or the oil resources without locking horns.

Never, not on their own terms unless they are pushed to do so by force.Restructuring will only remain election slogans and party manifesto.We are partly our own problem because if you do not bend your back, no one will ride it. I was in primary school when we have been fighting them and my father said his father had battles with them 100 years ealier. I believe we shall win though but we may also lose if we are poorly organised. All it takes is a movement that comes out to speak the langauge of the masses of Yorubaland and one will see the whirlwind such a group will generate. May God save Yoruba Nation from the imminent riotous future


The Fulani Caliphate knows that decisive and irreversible steps are being taken by the *entrapped constituent components of the defunct Nigerian Federation* (which collapsed since 1966) to dissolve and dismantle the dead Union into viable, cohesive units of successor-states according to the Broken Map we have seen here a number of times.

Their *Plan A* was to forcefully seize the entire Territorial Space by raw *Conquest* for which reason they marauded their way to power, using the *Boko Haram Militia*

Once in power, the BH machinery was rebranded and redeployed as *Fulani Herdsmen* to get on the task of a sweeping Southward mission of Conquest which has already overrun the Upper Middle Belt that include Southern Kaduna/Plateau/Taraba and now gyrating vigorously in Benue where heavy resistance is building up, with moral support and solidarity from the rest of the South.

The Caliphate *Plan B* was to get themselves prepared for the day after *One-Nigeria*  taking to their side whatever could be taken from *the rest of Nigeria*- Oil/Gas US$Billions, Customs/NPA rentals, Company Taxes and VAT proceeds. Then, heavy International borrowings in the name of *”Nigeria”* but the Projects are in the *Green Belt* according to the MNN Broken Map. The World Bank Projects were specifically commandeered to the North East flank of the Green Belt.

From these hijacked pool of funds, we have seen massive agro-investments in the Green Belt; Massive Road and Rail Investments; we saw massive Power Generation initiatives in Green Belt; we saw the massive upgrade of the Kaduna Airport which was accompanied by the shut-down of Abuja Airport (this was a ploy to introduce the International Business Community to the Kaduna Airport in readiness for that new Economic hub the Caliphate was creating further North and to help extirpate the Boko Haram insecurity halo that hung on the whole of the North).

We saw the 1000 km Crude Oil Pipeline Contract from Niger to Kaduna Refinery.

We now see the proposed Katsina Refinery on the border with Niger Republic; We see this new Rail Infrastructure in the same Katsina-Niger Republic axis.

I could list 20 more such.

The huge Public Funds being expended come exclusively from the South, as well as foreign borrowings that are guaranteed by Southern Assets, particularly Oil/Gas and it takes the most naive amongst us not to see the elaborate, massive *Asset Stripping* of the failed *One-Nigeria Enterprise* by the Caliphate.

The tragedy of the situation however is the inability of the South and the MB to see these deft moves by the Caliphate which continues to hoist the 2019 Elections to hypnotize the rest of Nigeria into deeper slumber where all dreams revolve around *PVC* while the Caliphate is wide awake, stockpiling and freely deploying *AK47* to drive their *PLAN A* of *Conquest and Colonization* as far as it can go as that guarantees for them, a smoother Transitioning or even Swith-Over to their *PLAN B* of surviving on their own the day after *One-Nigeria*, leaving the rest of us with damaged Society, Infrastructure, Mortgated Economic Assets and huge Foreign Debts.

To up the potency of the 2019 hypnosis, the Caliphate just poured the opium of *Restructuring* and already, untrained eyes from the South and MB are celebrating the *Trojan of Consensus* on Restructuring which the new Restructuring song from the Caliphate represents.

It is clear to everyone of us now that Election will not resolve jinxes of  Commonsense demands that we halt all further dissipation of energies on permutations around how best  to approach the Elections.
Ditto for the hoax of *Restructuring* which the Caliphate is already railroading to their *”National Assembly “*

The dangerous descent into the *HIGHWAY TO RWANDA* where we have been plunged by the Caliphate, presents the rest of Nigeria with limited options and even more limited luxury of *time* and we are talking of stark *Death or Life* choices here.

The best bet for the rest of Nigeria is to shake up the Caliphate spell and brace up for the urgent self-redemption imperative.

My Proposal on how to proceed on this task with things that are entirely in our own hands to do, and immediately too, is contained in the LNC Public Communication,  titled *”THE BATTLE FOR THE CARCASS OF NIGERIA BETWEEN CALIPHATE COLONIALIST AND ENTRAPPED REGIONS: THE BRIDGE TO 2019 HOLDS THE ACE “* dated January 27, 2018 now reposted here.

Tony Nnadi
February 1st, 2018.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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