The Rise Of The Betting Culture In Nigeria

The Rise Of The Betting Culture In Nigeria

By Ima Matthew | Sub Editor on April 11, 2018
Betting culture
File photo of gamblers | Patricia Lindrio/GPJ

Nigeria is a massive potential online betting market because this African country has the 7th-largest population in the world. Nigerians love to gamble and aren’t afraid of spending good money on this activity. According to the News Agency of Nigeria, more than 60 million Nigerians between the age of 18 and 40 place their bets each year. So it’s safe to say that now we can see the rising trend of betting in Nigeria and not the other way around.

Betting Business In Nigeria

Betting has been going on in Nigeria for a very long period of time, but in the Internet age and thanks to the evolution of smartphone technology, people can easily make their bets online even without leaving their homes. It’s really pretty convenient and fast, that’s why it’s so popular now! Moreover, today this betting wave in Nigeria that covered so many gamblers throughout the country started to call the betting culture. According to the latest poll conducted by NOIPolls in 2017, a large percentage of Nigerians (namely, 77% of polled people) affirmed the high prevalence of betting and gambling in their locality.

Features Of The Betting In Nigeria

Nigerian betting laws allow only four types of gambling in the country such as lotteries, land casinos, sports betting and online gambling. When it comes to the most popular type, without a doubt, this is the sports betting. But a lot of Nigerians are also interested in betting games.

As has been said, sports betting and betting games refer to the legal types of gambling and therefore they don’t violate the current legislation! This is the first and one of the main reasons why people prefer these types of gambling. But there is another reason, no less important, betting is a huge money-making business! Top betting sites in Nigeria offer the various proposals and the most interesting games in which people can profitably invest their money and, by the way, check the compatibility of the selected game with the device before starting to play. Nigerians can place their bets and try online betting games just using their mobile phones or other devices. It’s just so nice and easy to earn the money from what you love!

There are so many forms of sports betting, but one of the most common in Nigeria right now is football betting. It has slowly emerged as a lucrative segment based on Nigerian`s huge football culture. Such big leagues like the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga provided an excellent basis for developing the betting culture in the country.

There are currently more than 22 million football betting players in Nigeria and trends reveal that this figure is steadily increasing even in spite of the crisis.


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