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See The Weapon These Two Kids Used To Fight Off A Bully [LOOK]

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The Walwyns are a Christian family, so there are multiple Bibles in the home. As with most Christians, the family gleans spiritual guidance from the Bible, but two young siblings discovered that the holy book can also be used to stop a bully.

Phoenix and Kingston Walwyn–ages 8 and 7–were riding the bus home about three months ago when they became targets of a bully.

The bullying became an everyday occurrence and upset the siblings.

“It made me feel like I wanted to yell at him,” Phoenix Walwyn told KHOU11.

“I wanted to say (something) back to him,” Kingston Walwyn added.

The pair told their mom, who teaches at a church where their father, Vaughaligan, ministers. Their mom met with officials at the school, but the bullying only calmed for a few weeks, then started up again.

That’s when Vaughaligan came up with an unorthodox idea.

“I sat back and was like, I don’t want to have to take my shirt off and meet (the bully) at the bus stop, you know what I mean,” Vaughaliagan Walwyn said. “So, I prayed about it and God said, you know what, let’s get this kid a Bible. Tell him Jesus loves him and invite him to church and see what happens.”

Phoenix described how the boy’s heart was seemingly changed by the gift.

“We gave it to (the bully) and two minutes later when it was almost his stop to get off, he just said thank you and (I’m) sorry for all the bad stuff (I) did to you,” Phoenix said.

There hasn’t been anymore bullying since then, which actually surprised their dad.

“I was like, ‘Really?’ So, that kind of caught me off guard that it worked that fast or the kid was convicted,” Vaughaliagan said.

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