Share Your Skills Related Video On YouTube And Start Earning Today

Share Your Skills Related Video On YouTube And Start Earning Today

By Ima Matthew | Sub Editor on May 30, 2021
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A fully functional YouTube channel can bring you constant passive incomes where you can enjoy doing what you are good at and get paid in return. For instance, many YouTubers create comedy video compilations and share them on their own YouTube channel to earn money. Others who are good at a particular skill are recording the tutorials and sharing them on YouTube, which is a money-earning process and helps underprivileged people learn skills for free.

So, YouTube has evolved as a community where people help others through spreading knowledge, and viewers need not pay for the content, but creators are still getting paid by YouTube. Many YouTubers have comedy channels, others have singing or dancing or other entertainment-related channels, and anyone can access most of them free of cost anytime from anywhere. So, a question arises that how is YouTube generating the revenue to pay the creators then?

Some of you might already know this, but those who don’t should know that it all becomes possible because of advertisements. For many established YouTube channels, it generates a surplus amount of money, so they don’t hesitate to make some considerable investments for it, such as buy YouTube subscribers.

Youtube Videos, Monetization And Ad Revenue – Everything You Should Know 

According to a recent YouTube policy, if you also wish to make money by sharing videos on YouTube, you have to become a member of the YouTube partner program or YPP. And for being a qualified candidate to get access to YPP, your YouTube channel has to meet some requirements.

  • The first vital requirement is that you need to have at least 1000 unique subscribers on your channel. This is essential because these subscribers have an active Gmail account when applying for the YPP program.
  • Secondly, in the last one year, the channel should have generated at least 4000-hours of watch time in total. The watch time means your videos collectively should have been viewed for more than the threshold limit.

Other than this, there are various general guidelines that you need not memorize but keep in mind while creating the content. Policies such as the video should not have copyright content; it should not be vulgar, there should not be any nudity in the video and more like these. All in all, the content should not be harmful to the viewers’ sentiment, it should be clean, and in some cases, the disclaimer is necessary for the viewer’s discretion.

Many people create opinionated content on sensitive topics, and their viewers can like or dislike the video based on their own choice. But whether they like it or not, it at least gets them the watch time. Therefore, YouTube decided to have a subscriber count threshold to verify the genuine audience of a channel. But you can always buy YouTube subscribers or views or likes from some third-party websites.


Other Mediums To Make Money On Youtube And Increase Your Income

Being a YPP member means that you are eligible to generate revenue from the ads shown on your video when anyone plays your video. There are several types of ads in this category that can be displayed at one or more instance on the videos. And every advertisement has its own price. Some of them pay you whenever the ad is viewed, while others only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

But it is not the only way to make a profit from YouTube, and there are many ways in which you can earn more than the revenue generated by ads. A brand often contacts influencers who have many subscribers and whose watch time is also remarkable to promote their products in their video. And in return, they are handsomely paid for this and often get to use and keep the products after reviewing them.

Furthermore, you can indirectly use the platform to promote your personal product or service on the forum. This way, you can share the video related to the product and reach out to more and more people. And this could be used to generate lead by referring the viewers to the buy product page to access the service or buy your products. This way, you need not buy YouTube subscribers or increase watch time and only focus upon the conversion.

Valuable Tips And Key Points To Consider For Making Potential Income On Youtube
  • When creating a YouTube channel, make sure that you keep the content well organized.
  • Always create playlists if there are similarities in the content.
  • Do not spam your channel with unwanted content.
  • Your video must have describing titles and thumbnails.
  • Once you are into the YPP, control the Ad limits manually and never spam.

Once uploaded, a YouTube video will stay on the platform for a long time to come, and its watch time would eventually increase with time. The video will keep making passive income for you, but you can never rely upon a single video if you wish to make money through advertisement.

Therefore, you would need to keep creating unique and exciting content that gathers organic traffic so that people watch and share your video and you make more and more money through advertisement. Also, YouTube has its own creator’s panel where you get several tools to help you in video editing and finalizing. Optimization of your content is necessary to make improvements and do better each time and attract more audience.

Google AdSense is also required for monetizing the channel and monitoring the ads that appear on your channel. It is essential that you learn to use the AdSense and YouTube creator studio to optimize your channel and keep a record of the progress. And if you want to buy YouTube subscribers, then there are plenty of websites that provide the service for a reasonable price.

Once you regularly create and upload YouTube videos, you will soon notice growth in your watch time and subscribers on the channel. Eventually, you can make good passive income from YouTube if you have worthy content.


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