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9 Simple Steps To Keep Your Husband In Love With You

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Fighting the monotony in a marriage isn’t really that big a task. While a ‘happily ever after’ seems like a dream, you don’t really need much to make your marriage a success. Here are 12 simple ways in which you can ensure that love remains a priority in your marriage.

idiva_061Have date nights: Date nights are one of the first things that jump out of the window once you get settled in the marriage. Bring back the ritual and keep aside one day in a week, or maybe one in 15 days where you only spend time with each other.


idiva_012Make your home a stress-free zone: Picture the kind of home you would want to come home to after a long hard day at work. Work towards creating a happy, calm atmosphere that your husband looks forward to coming home to.

idiva_031Get intimate more often: We’d rather let the men get dirty in the kitchen than between the sheets, right? But it’s a good idea to add more physical intimacy to your schedule. It’s a great way to unwind and feel more connected.

idiva_021Kiss and hug him every day: Remember how you wouldn’t shy away from showing him your affection while dating? Go back to that phase and give him a quick hug and kiss each day before you both leave the house.

Stay happy: Simple things like smiling more often creates a positive atmosphere.
Flirt with him: We tend to give up on flirting with our husbands the moment we get married. But the fun, teasing atmosphere sure did add a fun element to your relationship, didn’t it? Flirt with him, send him a cute voice note or a flirtatious email to let him know that you are thinking of him.

Appreciate him: Let him know that you appreciate the little things he does to keep you happy. Letting him know that you notice his efforts will lead to him being more willing to show his affection.

Give your man his space: Two can often be a crowd too especially when you are looking for a place to unwind and reflect. Give him the space that he wants and keep your conversations for later.

Surprise him: Plan an impromptu dinner date, throw an occasional surprise and keep things interesting and off the monotony track.

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