5 Simple Strategies To Promote Online Gaming Platforms

5 Simple Strategies To Promote Online Gaming Platforms

By Lifestyles | The Trent on April 14, 2018
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Online gaming is a trend that has risen, grown and become huge over the last couple of years. However, online promotion and marketing is something that these popular casino games probably cannot survive without. In a world where most people get almost all their information from the web and social media platforms, proper curation, strategizing and online promotion are absolutely key elements of making the online gaming platform successful. Here are list of tried and tested effective strategies that will help you garner more support and participation for your online gaming platform.

Engaging Content

There is always the thumb rule that content is king and that hold true for this field as well. From proper curation to the marketing, content plays a huge role. Get experienced players to talk about success strategies or short cuts that may help newer users. Inform users about new and exciting games that are being launched. An attractive website coupled with innovative graphics and interactive content are the new age solutions which marketers should apply.

Rewards And Free Play Offers

Everyone loves to receive exciting offers for free while playing popular casino games and your players are probably no different. Offer rewards as a joining bonus. Give players incentives like extra lives or rewards for getting new users to join using their codes. Free plays are also a cool new thing, which is utilized well can do wonders. In the free play, you have to get the user so hooked, that they cannot leave. A lot of people think of online gaming a niche thing which needs expertise, but free play gives them the feeling that there is no harm in trying. Once they try, they’re likely to get addicted.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is only on the rise and using it to gain popularity is a very convenient marketing option. The platforms require minimal investments, but if used properly, can help get your message to a huge number of people. Write the posts well, give users exciting news which would make them share the posts and aim at a constant posting rate to gain a steady social media following. Post relevant content in target groups as well, without making it seem like spam or making it too promotional in nature.


They say, if content is king, then SEO is queen and knowing the basics of SEO is a must for anyone interested in marketing. The SEO knowledge includes using the right keywords, making the posts of reasonable length, using hyperlinks and more. SEO has many tiny components to it, but it is essential for making your site rank in the search engines.

Organizing Events 

Tournaments and face offs ensure some amount of participation due to the love for prizes. It also makes sure that the participants promote it in their own circles and thus more people get to know about your platform. These games can usually be played amongst a few or many players and it is an effective strategy for making your platform more popular.

Marketing is a crucial component of every business and it is a skill that can only be mastered over time. It doesn’t happen in a day and perseverance and patience is the key. Post regularly, engage in meaningful conversations with users on social media platforms as well as emails, do SEO well and build your brand effectively in all aspects. Follow these meticulously and your online gaming venture will surely do well.

Arpita Arya is a digital marketer and blogger. She has been working in the industry for several years and contributed her experience to various brands. She has extensive experience in content writing, product marketing, and improving website’s traffic through cross-promotion.


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