Ethnic Cleansing: Soldiers Molesting S-East, S-South Travelers At Onitsha Bridge – Ohanaeze

Ethnic Cleansing: Soldiers Molesting S-East, S-South Travelers At Onitsha Bridge – Ohanaeze

By Ella Ukairo | Staff Writer on December 31, 2015
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Ohaneze Youth Council has condemned what it called molesting of Easterners travelling home for Christmas and new year celebrations at Onitsha Head Bridge, Anambra State allegedly by soldiers from the 302 Battalion of the Nigerian army in Onitsha.

In a statement by the National President of the Council, Mazi Okechukwu, the council said: “The officers and men of the 302 Battalion of the Nigerian Army at Onitsha appear to have a different agenda in that town. They appear to be there for [alleged] ethnic cleansing.

“In the past one month, these raw soldiers have [allegedly] killed more than 20 unarmed Igbo youths. This time around, they waylay Igbos returning home for Christmas and New Year holidays and rough-handle a lot of them.

“We can no longer tolerate this brazen act on our own land. We are neither at war nor a conquered people. Mr. President should intervene in this matter before it turns into another thing. We have the right to protect the dignity of our people.

“The army is provoking us by their brazen acts in the South East and South South. We hope there is no cabal in the Nigerian Army that is pursuing an ethnic agenda and cleansing against Ndigbo.”


  1. Almighty God will pay them in their ways. as for the fool that called himself pmb.l don’t no why people that said they are professional and others are even foolling themselves. how can a cow be talking to human been calling himself President of country and nobody is talking only Femi Kayode and Feyose the best governor .And foolish people are talking bad of them.remember the Almighty God said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. whether you people like it or not Nnamdi Kanu is the man after Gods heart. this year is of full testimony for those that believe in Almighty God will see the bless on the land of Biafra and other peoples land that believed. Pls so called man of God stop fooling yourselves go read Ezekiel chapter 34 from 1to end and see what you people have done to the children of God.remember that Almighty God said no matter how your sins look like I will clear it.but who even that blastfemi against the holy Spirit shall not be for given. I don’t no were your people are going with this so called money you are saleing your mind and life for.earther things off the world repent now and take the truth that Almighty God have given us in his holy Bible.happy new all.Only if you give your life to Almighty God that you will have testimony every day in your life. Ibezimako Ositadimma

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