#SoundOff: Boko Haram: Buhari Not To Blame, But He’s Wrong Man For...

#SoundOff: Boko Haram: Buhari Not To Blame, But He’s Wrong Man For The Job – @ikhide

Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria APC
Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari, shown here on June 14 in Johannesburg, South Africa. | Mujahid Safodien/AFP/Getty Images

To be honest, I won’t blame President Muhammadu Buhari for this Boko Haram mess. He and the All Progressive Congress (APC) and their insincere vuvuzelas (online supporters) raised false and silly expectations for victory, he has nothing to do with the mess.

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Since 1999, beginning with Obasanjo, the father of all criminals and vagabonds in power, there has been a systematic looting of resources meant for safety and security. Maiduguri is the result.

Let us be honest; Buhari is the wrong leader for these trying times. We need a leader with a focused and structural way of dealing with crises like the Boko Haram mess and our broken educational system.

Boko Haram bombings are out of control. Aso Rock should consider and implement all options including negotiation, partnership with other countries.

Buhari should stop his thieving generals from looting funds meant for the military. Boko Haram is alive because Nigerian soldiers are destitute.

It is time to rebuild ALL structures of governance and management. Our country Nigeria is too complex for management by silly anecdotes and “body language.”

And Buhari should fire ALL his media aides. They quite frankly suck.

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