#SoundOff: On Fuel Subsidy Removal And ‘Fantastically Corrupt’ Nigeria, By Onyeka Onwenu

#SoundOff: On Fuel Subsidy Removal And ‘Fantastically Corrupt’ Nigeria, By Onyeka Onwenu

Onyeka Onwenu
Onyeka Onwenu

In my opinion, the removal of fuel subsidy may not be a bad move entirely. Clearly it was not sustainable.

This is a decision President Muhammadu Buhari should have taken earlier in his administration. I am sure he was persuaded to tarry a while by those who were benefitting from it.

With deregulation, market forces will prevail, greater competition will bring prices to a more realistic level. What we had before was not working. Maybe this one will.

I also think that Buhari’s response to Britain’s David Cameron’s gaffe was apt. He was not demanding an apology, only that Britain return the gains of corruption it warehouses.

Yes, Buhari may have brought the insult on himself and the country he leads by declaring to the world that we are a corrupt nation and this insult serves him right, his response points the world to the role Britain and others play in the corruption game – they receive the boot and are reluctant to let go.

Britain and the rest of the West, release the spoils of corruption! Stop aiding and abetting it. Only then can you castigate. This corrupting debate has inadvertently taken on another hue.

Thank you, David Cameron for your glib and careless talk. You obviously have no respect for Nigeria, at all.

Onyeka Onwenu is an iconic Nigerian musician. She is also a veteran journalist and broadcaster. She is also a politician. 

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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