#SoundOff: How APC Deceived Nigerians Against Goodluck Jonathan (DETAILS)

#SoundOff: How APC Deceived Nigerians Against Goodluck Jonathan (DETAILS)

By Opinions | The Trent on December 9, 2015
Buhari APC Youth
General Muhammadu Buhari (centre) at an APC Presidential Campaign Rally in Kano State, Nigeria on January 19, 2015 | Juju Films

by Chinomnso Awazie

Jonathan constructed more roads than any other past president ~ Fashola

Did APC know the truth? Yes.

Did APC say the truth? No.

Do I blame them? No.

Who do I blame? Those that bought the cheap lies. They are the real enemies of progress, the 97% that must be avoided if one is to remain sane.

I know that President Goodluck Jonathan in the gas sector built more gas pipeline infrastructure than ALL PRESIDENTS OF NIGERIA FROM 1960 COMBINED! But hey, 97% wanted change and they got it.

– When Buhari incited fuel marketers to hoard fuel at the last days of Jonathan in office by claiming he doesn’t know what fuel subsidy is, I told all that cared to listen that it was a gang-up. I was called ‘sore loser’. Now fuel is everywhere, food dey nyafunyafu selling at the Utopian N45/Liter.

– When Ifeanyi Uba opened his capital oil tank-farm to break the gang up, Nigerians, especially from South West and North called him unprintable names, but at least he solved the problem. I told all who cares to listen that he who plans to kill the native doctor protecting him should first ensure that the witches after him are all dead. I told them that ‘who chop today go hungry tomorrow’. They called me sore loser and the loquacious fool at Abuja calling himself a pastor (Femi Adesina) branded Nigerians drawing attention to salient issues ‪#‎WailingWailers‬. Now can we change the name of this country to ‪#‎WailersCountry‬ in light of the fact that everyone is wailing?

– Shortly after elections, the refineries were roaring back to life in account of milestone Rehabilitation/TAM efforts that were now bearing fruits. They said it’s ‘bodi langweji‘. What did Buhari immediately commence to do after swearing in? Northernisation of NNPC. Make no mistakes about it, the southerners there are stooges of Northern interests. He demoralized personnel and bastardized procedures. I laughed. Where are the refineries today? Just under eight months, he destroyed that sector.

– When the NSE was reacting predictably to the bounce of a peaceful elections, they said bodi langweji has permeated that sector. Smart investors who knew what to expect (including me) dumped their stocks. Where is the Nigerian stock market today?

– When there was a surge in electricity supply immediately after the elections, I told them it was a combination of two things; 1) PHCN in connivance with APC was sabotaging the AVAILABLE power in the system, deliberately throwing people into darkness under GEJ and immediately turning on the switches after he was rigged out 2) The rainy season usually gives the hydroelectric power dams quite a boost. They called me a sore loser and pictures of frozen bottles of Coke littered the entire Facebook and Twitter. Hello my people, what happened the the power? Ate by rats?

– A certain demonic liar called Jack Obiyan broke the news that presidential fleet was about to be sold. Today, not only did Buhari categorically Coke out to deny that, he has spent N5.8 billion Naira in six months understandably maintaining those jets for his ajala the traveler’s jamboree to rogue nations like Iran and Afghanistan. All from an empty treasury! In comparison, for a whole year, GEJ spent only N1.4 billion maintaining SAME JETS! And people can’t see the monumental looting going on. What did they do to the jets that what should be spent in maintaining the fleet for 4 years was used in main ting it for just six months? HOW MANY WERE CONVERTED TO AIR AMBULANCES? Can Femi Adesina do an ‘I have posted a picture’ on the interior of these jets as they are CURRENTLY let’s see?

– The bulk of military equipment bought under the tail-end of GEJ’s tenure have been ‘stylishly’ handed over to Boko Haram and writhing the military right now, if you ‘ginger’ too much on Boko Haram issues, you will be set up for slaughtering. Ask the 105 soldiers murdered in cold blood.

– Salaries are to be cut, but foreign trips must continue.

– Every week, tens of thousands of jobs are lost.

– All telecommunication companies have been bullied into becoming ‘office extensions’ for DSS. Please don’t argue with me. MTN finally has played ball, reason the issue of fine is dying down.

– Biafra agitation has gotten to an all-time high on account of illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu. A deadlier agitation for Oduduwa (which I shall wholeheartedly support if and when it starts) is lurking like a dangerous lion in the shadows.

– Salaries now come by 21st of every month.

– Dollar is approaching N1 Naira to $1 dollar.

In the midst of all these, Senate is launching SUGGESTION BOX with media pump and pageantry, and after Facebook training, they are now out to ban Facebook! I knew that Facebook training won’t end just like that. Blame the new anti-social media bill on that training: those bozos must have seen the frustration on social media during that training and knew that if they don’t don something, something go do them hence the bill. Consider that bill defensive/self preservation action.

If Nigerians don’t chase Buhari out of Aso Rock within the next twelve months, he will totally destroy them!

Nigerians, stop being deceived!

Chinomnso Awazie is a social and political analyst. Connect with him on Facebook

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 


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