#SoundOff: Nnamdi Kanu Is A Moron And The DSS Has Made Him...

#SoundOff: Nnamdi Kanu Is A Moron And The DSS Has Made Him A Star, By @Chxta

By Cheta Nwanze | Op-Ed Contributor on October 28, 2015
Biafra South East IPOB Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kano (m), Director of Radio Biafra

Our intelligence services are distinctly unintelligent, and this latest Nnamdi Kanu case proves it, yet again. This whole thing should have been handled differently.

The moron, and yes, Kanu is a moron, came to Nigeria looking to be detained. You see, in recent times, his Radio Biafra had been losing steam. He needed something to put him back in the public eye, and our “Intelligence” services gave it to him.

See, this is what I’d have done were it me: I’d have quietly revoked his passport. Then when he attempted to fight for a NIGERIAN PASSPORT, make a lot of noise about the fact that he wants a Nigerian passport. That, would have destroyed his credibility among many of the same followers who he has been encouraging to burn their Nigerian passports.

I’ve been told, that contrary to what we believe, Mr. Kanu doesn’t have a British passport, and has in fact been deported. If his Nigerian passport had been revoked, he’d have been stateless, and would have been stranded at the MMIA terminal, effectively isolated and unable to cause trouble. His only recourse would have been to fight for the Nigerian passport, the very symbol he so hates. What better way to whittle down his following?

Now, regarding the Biafra agitation, I make bold to say that Biafra, is a problem that died 45 years ago.
The first Biafra was necessary at the time, but, from an Igbo perspective, was mishandled, and as a result, starved to death as a child. This second Biafra is silly.

What do most humans want?







Nigeria provides none of these for the majority of its citizens, so it is only natural that the state will be in retreat. When the state is in retreat, demagogues fill the void. Hence the agitation for this version of Biafra.

If Nigeria were able to provide three of the six listed items for majority of its citizens, the demagogues, like Kanu, will be relegated to the background.

Cheta Nwanze is journalist and information technology professional. He is a political activist and social affairs commentator. He tweets from @Chxta.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. Cheta Nwanze, You said you are a journalist and an information technology professional. I don’t see any professionalism in this your article or are you just trying to be dubious. You said that Nnamdi Kanu is a moron but he has done what nobody has been able to do since the amalgamation which is bringing Biafrans together. People have been calling him many names, but I am sure very few will agree to yours because if he is not super intelligent there is no way he can achieve half what he has.
    You said that radio Biafra has been loosing steam, I wonder where you are getting your information from. Radio Biafra is at it’s highest ever. It has been number one in the world for some time now,. That means that it is the most listened to radio station in the world. It has become an addiction to so many people. You hear calls from all over the world once the line is opened. I wonder if there is any radio station that is broadcasting on so many platforms to all across the world at the same time. If there is, at least this is the first in Africa. I don’t know where you come from, your name suggest Biafra land. If that is correct even if you are not at home at least there are people at home to ask unless you are one of those born and bred in Youruba or Hausa land. If you interact with people, they will tell you that radio Biafra is listened to in almost all the transport vehicles plying Biafra land. Almost all keke in Aba and other cities play radio Biafra. Why do you think the police started confiscating tricycles in Aba or started arresting people who have radio Biafra app on their phones? It is because people don’t listen to anything else, they stopped watching tv unless films and dramas. Everybody listen to radio Biafra because that is the place they get the truth. Even print media are filled with junks like the one you wrote.
    You further exposed your ignorance and how unprofessional you are by not investigating if he has a British passport or not before publishing. You said you were told that he does not have a British passport but even this your ‘The Trent’ published that congress woman Hariet Hamman wrote a letter entitled, ‘This is to enquire about my constituent Mr Nnamdi Kanu’. I don’t think you understand what that means. So my dear Cheta, if you were trying to be mischievous, Biafrans have passed that stage. We are wiser now thanks to Nnamdi Kanu who has removed that black mans’ stupidity from us. If you were sincerely writing what you believe, I will suggest that you go and research more and try to listen to radio Biafra, maybe your own black mans’ stupidity will also be cured. If you are one of the jobbers employed by the government to destabilize this struggle, sorry it is already too late because Biafrans are resolute this time around.

  2. the name cheta means remember, but this writer is simply myopic on the matter arising. or doesn’t have have retentive memory yet he or she wants to join the league of Brown envelope journalist, you can write all like. one thing that is not disputable is that we are tired of Nigeria, and I believe I am speaking the mind of every youth in this contraption where noting works. even before the emerges of Mazi Nnamdi kanu millions of Nigerians are already fed up with the system in Nigeria, is only a fool that will die for the unity of her, now let me tell you cheta we will die for Biafra again and again and again, we’re just waiting for the last command and every where will burn. or else they come to their senses and give us our freedom ####### Biafran or death.

  3. Cheta is misguided,ignorant and deluded.I prefer to teach kindergarten kids in my Biafra than be a king in the entity of fraud. Home is where my heart it.The ALMIGHTY have heard our prayers.

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