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#SoundOff: Radio Biafra Is A Reminder Of What’s Wrong With Nigeria – @Ikhide

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The initial reactions to my thoughts on Radio Biafra are a sad reminder of the death of Nigeria’s educational system. This is a national security issue.

I have to say this: The democratization of thought by the Internet is great; however Nigerian Twitter “overlords” mistake phantom followers for deep intellect.?

Nigeria has huge problems, Radio Biafra is not one of them, just a pointer to our carcinogens.

Those who wish to shut up Radio Biafra have no idea the unintended consequences of their actions. I have seen war and it is terrifying.

I was a little boy in Benin City when the Biafran army seized the city. You’ve not seen hell until you’ve seen war.

My dad’s mobile police team was ambushed in Asaba by the Biafran army and his bones broken. Shutting down voices doesn’t help.

I say leave Radio Biafra alone and focus on the structural issues spawning such dysfunctions. Nigeria is on the wrong trajectory and we know it.

I was an agitator on Radio Kudirat during the pro democracy days of the 90’s. I know what it is to be hunted for one’s views.

Lastly, history and critical thinking skills must return to Nigeria’s classrooms. Radio Biafra is the least of our problems. We are the problem.

And no, I am not Igbo, my father fought hard against the right of the Igbo to determine their fate.

And for what it is worth, I am not Igbo. Not that it matters. What happened to the Igbo during the civil war is wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes.

Ikhide Ikheloa is a writer and literary critic. He tweets from @ikhide.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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