#SoundOff: Reasons Why President Buhari’s Many Foreign Trips Fail

#SoundOff: Reasons Why President Buhari’s Many Foreign Trips Fail

By Opinions | The Trent on February 2, 2016
Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammed Buhari boards one of the Nigerian Presidential Fleet planes to Germany

by Chidi Cali

President Muhammadu Buhari have traveled or met over 69 Heads of states and leaders across the world, but the question remains, how many of them have visited him in Nigeria since he assumed office, nearly a year now?

No single Investor have moved to Nigeria, as a result of the uncertain business environment we naively created and the out-of-date monetary and fiscal policies of his govt.

Trust me, this is not wholly the President’s fault, but also that of his aides who should have know better, that before a President travels, a technocrat Team, including the private sector and their ball bearers will be sent out to discuss issues of importance.

The reverse is what is happening now in Nigeria, instead of sending experts out before the President travels to any country, the Government dishes out well packages lies, propaganda and frivolous tales to Nigerians.

Some of those garbage includes:-
1] USA gave us list of Nigerians that have $150billion in USA banks. The govt will start their prosecution and recovery of the loots soonest.
2] USA will Invest $6billion in Nigeria. They forgot that the USA Govt do not invest anywhere, but their private sector or corporate businesses do.
USA Govt of late, only give well monitored Aids and Grants with stringent conditions.
3] UAE have handed Nigeria list of Nigerians that have $200billion Banks in Dubai. We will use these loots to fund the 2016 budget.
4] Announcing that some Nigerians have returned some of the billions the looted, as the Finance refuted it saying that no Kobo have been returned.
Mr Jafaru Isa’s claimed returning of N100m have been alleged to be on of Govt’s numerous Publicity stunts.

These are all rubbish and stupid lies. They will not change anything or bring lunch to any family in Nigeria.

This institutionalization of lies as a governance tool must STOP. It worked during the electioneering campaigns but not anymore as Nigerians are now faced with the reality of a collapsing economy and social structures.

I trust that Buhari can still make a turn around of the situation, but through honest path. We must all support the government as little as we can, because if Buhari government fails, it is Nigeria that have failed.

God Bless Nigeria.

Chidi Cali is a political commentator.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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