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Spirit and Life Devotional: Reputation: What Are You Known For?

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Spirit and Life Devotional is a daily publication by Pastor Chinaemerem Ibezim, senior pastor of Able Ministers Chapel, a church based in Calabar, Cross River State. 

“So he sent for a woman from Tekoa who had a reputation for great wisdom. He said to her, ‘Pretend you are in mourning; wear mourning clothes and don’t put on lotions. Act like a woman who has been mourning for the dead for a long time.” 2 Samuel 14:2 NLT

Reputation is simply defined as what people generally think about you; their opinion of you. In other words, what you are known for.

I know a few people who sing, for instance; and when I need someone to sing, I immediately think about them. That’s reputation. But there are several other people who also sing, and are unknown. They’ve probably not exposed their gift, or their reputation is weak.

What are you known for? What are you known for at work, in school, in your community, online, and elsewhere?

And beyond being known for your gifts and activities, be known for your values. Values such as honesty, integrity, hard work, kindness, wisdom, loyalty, faithfulness, trustworthiness, righteousness, love, faith, and so on. Don’t have a bad reputation: remember; a good name is better than riches.

God bless you.

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