Spirit And Life Devotional: Christ-Like Leadership

Spirit And Life Devotional: Christ-Like Leadership

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Matthew 23:11-12 ERV “Whoever serves you like a servant is the greatest among you. People who think they are better than others will be made humble. But people who humble themselves will be made great.”

Who’s the boss? He’s the decision maker, the one with the power to hire and fire, he’s in charge and in control, he gives orders and sends people on errands. The boss is served; sometimes he’s a bully and can even insult people. If the boss doesn’t like you he can frustrate you, so we try as much as we can to please the boss so as to obtain favours.

Leadership makes people lords. We can even compare our leaders with kings and queens: consider the number of personal assistants working for our leaders; I read of a particular leader who had 952 personal assistants! We have also heard of leaders who you can’t talk to standing, you have to kneel before them. And these same people will never kneel in worship before the Most High!

As believers, we must learn and practice humility. In His own words, Jesus said, “But you must not be called ‘Teacher.’ You are all equal as brothers and sisters. You have only one Teacher. And don’t call anyone on earth ‘Father.’ You have one Father. He is in heaven. And you should not be called ‘Master.’ You have only one Master, the Messiah.” It’s not about titles! It’s about helping others succeed! I like what Paul said, “Love each other in a way that makes you feel close like brothers and sisters. And give each other more honor than you give yourself.” Romans 12:10.

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