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Stories We Hear: Lagos Police Trace Stolen Dog To Pot Of Pepper Soup In ‘404’ Joint

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A dog seller has been arrested by police detectives from the Idimu Division, Lagos State after a stolen dog was traced to his pepper soup pot.

Success Akpan, the dog meat seller, was already selling the meat to his customers before he was caught.

The incident happened at Olorunsogo Street, Ejigbo area of Lagos, on Friday, November 18, 2022, where Akpan operates a shop.

When the Akwa Ibom State born Akpan was caught, he claimed that he bought the dog for N12,000 from a seller, who was later identified as Abu, and did not know it was a stolen dog.

The suspect, Akpan, landed in trouble after the seller, Abu, stole the dog from his mother’s tenant in Idimu, who had refused to pay his house rent.

He allegedly stole the dog and sold to Akpan before the information leaked and he was arrested. He was detained by the Police and told to bring the dog back.

It was during interrogation that the suspect, Abu, confessed and took the Police to Akpan’s shop. But before they got there, Akpan had already killed the dog and used it to prepare pepper soup.

Akpan was also arrested and detained at the station for conspiracy and stealing but he was said to have pleaded with the owner to resolve the matter by paying for the dog.

The bone of contention was that the owner of the dog insisted that he wanted his dog back but Akpan explained to him that he had already killed the dog and was selling the pepper soup before he was arrested.

According to Police sources, both Akpan and Abu will be charged before the Court if the owner of the dog continues to insist that he wants his dog instead of the N80,000 Akpan offered to pay in order to resolve the matter.

TRAGEDY: Man Dies After Dog Bites Off And Eats Man’s Private Parts While He Was Asleep

The yuletide season turned tragic for a 60-year-old herbalist in Calabar, named Ani Ikoneto, who had his private parts bitten off and eaten by his dog.

The man, who lives at 12, Jebbs Street in Calabar South, according to neighbors, went on a drinking spree on Christmas Eve and returned home drunk.

“When he came back, we had gone to bed but some people were still outside.

“He went inside his room and slept off without shutting the door and because of too much drink, he excreted on himself.

“His dog that was outside smelt the poo and went inside to eat it.

“In the process, the dog ate his private parts thinking it was meat or part of the excreta,” Itoro, his neighbor, said.

According to him, the man raised the alarm, prompting neighbours to rush into his apartment and discovered what had happened.

“When we heard him scream, we thought hoodlums had attacked him.

“But when we got there, we saw that his private part was gone and his dog had blood on its mouth,” the neigbour said.

Covered with poo, bleeding

Itoro said the man could not be rushed to the hospital because of the excreta that covered his body; so had to be cleaned up first.

“By the time we finished cleaning him of the shit, he was bleeding so much and on the way to the hospital he died,” she added.

The man was living alone as his daughters were married and lived away from him.

He was taken to his village, Ikoneto on Boxing Day for burial.

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