Streaming Your Way: 6 Top Alternatives To Netflix

Streaming Your Way: 6 Top Alternatives To Netflix

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Uh-oh! Did you bingewatch all of your Netflix favorites already? Time for a new service! Here are six popular and affordable alternatives to Netflix.

While Netflix may be one of the most popular video streaming services, there are only but so many binging sessions you can attend before you need to switch options up. Luckily there are a few other similar companies that provide you with new choices for your streaming needs.

There are several alternatives to Netflix, which are equally good and better, depending on your streaming needs. If you’re looking for extra entertainment, here are some excellent Netflix alternatives to consider.

1. Hulu

If you want to stay up to date with the latest TV shows, then Hulu is your perfect alternative to Netflix. You’ll be able to watch the latest shows a day after they launch on prime TV. This is a significant advantage compared to Netflix, which keeps you waiting for episodes to complete.

Hulu hosts original content, plus it features many blockbusters, interesting documentaries, and independent films. Some trending shows here include Castle Rock, the Handmaid’s Tale, Marvel’s Runway, and the latest Little Fires Everywhere.

Hulu is somehow like Netflix on pricing and streaming options. Its basic plan comes at $5.99, which is pocket friendly for most people.

Unfortunately, the plan has an influx of ads that can be distractive. So, if you want no ads options, you’ll have to upgrade to the $11.99 a month plan.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a close match to Netflix. The streaming service launched back in 2005 to allow customers free shipping benefits.

But, unlike sites like Netflix, you’re in for more than video streaming. Amazon added tons of features like access to TV shows and unlimited photo storage options. You can also enjoy free two-day shipping options for any of your Amazon purchases.

Amazon Prime and Netflix tie on pricing. Both their basic options go for $12.99 with a 30 days free trial period. Yet, if you want to stream videos strictly, Amazon Prime allows such signups for only $8.99. The basic plan of Netflix limits your stream to a single device while Amazon Prime allows up to three.

Amazon Prime boasts more perks besides movies as far as content is concerned. You can stream or download unlimited music. You can also enjoy free e-books plus other exclusive deals.

They have enough TV shows and original content such as Bosch, Red Oaks, and Sneaky Pete to keep you entertained. Their timely library updates are handy to refresh your movie list.

3. Apple TV Plus

In November 2019, Apple launched Apple TV to join the overcrowding streaming subscription market. At $4.99 per month, it’s way more affordable than streaming services like Netflix. And it’s an excellent alternative to Netflix, especially if you want access to the new and original content.

Before launching, Apple TV invested in top content creators such as Jennifer Anniston and Steven Spielberg. Most of its content is quality enough to shock top sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Today, Apple TV boasts adequate content to cater to everyone, from children to adults. Some of its leading shows and series include Ghostwriter, Dickinson, For All Mankind, and Mythic Quest.

If you want to cut Apple TV membership costs, you can share your screen with at least six people. Apple TV plus is ad-free and can support video downloads for offline viewing.

Unfortunately, Apple TV plus isn’t available for several media formats, including Android. Meaning, sometimes you might struggle to watch desired content on unsupported formats.

Yet, you can use the Elmedia player, which can stream a range of media formats, including those from Apple TV Plus. This app can also download Instagram Videos that challenge most people.

4. Kanopy

Not everyone wants to pay for streaming services. And that’s why free alternatives to Netflix like Kanopy are popping up. Kanopy mostly streams educational content, and it’s free for students and listed institutions.

It’s more suitable if you’re a university or college student or a member of an academic institution. So you can’t compare it to Netflix, but it provides members access to over 30,000 films making it a significant alternative.

Still, it has many quality movies to keep you glued on your TV. Some top picks that can draw your interest are Zodia, Moonlight, Ex Machina, and Moonlight.


HBO MAX is the latest alternative to Netflix. It’s a multi-video and streaming service from Warner Media, and most of its early success results from top affiliations with iconic brands such as HBO, Warner Bros, and DC. It also houses licensed content from BBC.

While sites like Netflix may have more sensations, HBO MAX also provides reliable and high-quality content. HBO MAX top shows include the Sopranos, South Park, Wonder Woman, and the famed Game of Thrones.

On simultaneous screening, HBO MAX is a better alternative to Netflix. HBO MAX’s account allows three screens under five profiles. However, HBO MAX is pricier by $2, and it lacks 4K video streaming.

6. Mubi

Unlike streaming services like Netflix, Mubi rations its content to encourage watching. Its titles rotate for 30 days, and Mubi adds one title and deletes another to refresh things.

Every posted movie stays on the platform for 30 days, giving you enough time to watch. Their movie list is diverse and spans from classic to independent films. Sometimes they add award-winning titles from anywhere around the globe to spruce up the list.

If you’ve watched every film on the list, you’ve got an option to rent other movies. Prices start from $2.99, but you can subscribe to enjoy an unlimited list for $10.99 per month.

As you can see, Mobi can be a reliable alternative to Netflix. The only downside is the limited movie list, but their “pushing” feature is a good deal if you’re not a binge-watcher.

Which Are the Best Streaming Alternatives to Netflix?

What Netflix alternative to go-for depends on your streaming needs. If you’re looking for affordable options, the Hulu, Kanopy, and Mubi are good options. For people with a vast streaming appetite Amazon, and Apple TV Plus rival Netflix in many aspects.

These streaming alternatives to Netflix can help you cut costs and experience more great options. For more tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog.


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