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5 Toxic Beliefs That Make Success Impossible

by Jeff Haden | Inc. Here are five things people think that ruin their chances for success.. and more importantly how you can think differently: 1."I never...

Are Rumors And Superstitious Beliefs About Ebola Disease Making It Worse?

More than 1,200 people have died as the deadliest ever outbreak of Ebola takes hold in West Africa, but despite information campaigns, fear is...

Pastor Having An Affair Tells Mistress His Wife Will DIE SOON And He’ll Marry Her (PICTURED)

Doug Phillips, former elder of the Boerne Christian Assembly (BCA) in San Antonio, Texas, who confessed last year to having an extramarital relationship, is...

7 Ways To Boost Your Spirituality

Spirituality can grant you hope, stability, and acceptance. The relationship you have with a higher being is sacred. While many people deem themselves devoted...

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