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cyber bullying

8 Types Of Trolls You May Encounter On Social Media

A troll is someone who posts inflammatory or off-topic messages on social media. These trolls take advantage of the social media freedom they have...

‘Our President… Barraco Barner’: Woman Receives Global Ridicule For Spelling Obama’s Name Spectacularly Wrong In Tweet (PHOTO)

When a young British beautician realised relations between Russia and Ukraine were at crisis point, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter. Without pausing to...

Worrisome: Teenagers Take To A New Form Of Self-Harm, Bullying On The Internet (READ)

Every day after getting home from school, the first thing Ellie Thomas would do was switch on her laptop. Then she browsed her Facebook page,...

Trolled To Death: Model Bombarded With Vile Message On Twitter Just Hours Before She Died (PICTURED)

Australian TV star and former model Charlotte Dawson allegedly killed herself after receiving abuse from vicious trolls on Twitter just hours before she died. She...

About TURN! Twitter Reverses Blocking Changes After User Revolt

Twitter has reversed changes it made to how people block other users, less than a day after they were introduced. The changes allowed blocked users...

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