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Baby Pictured Lying Close To Mum’s Caesarean Scar That Saved Its Life (PHOTOS – NUDITY)

A viral photo of a three-day-old baby lying close to its mother’s c-section scar has broken the internet with a major lesson on the extent...

Oh No! Girl Wears Mom’s 5 INCH HEELS To Graduation, The Unimaginable Happens (VIDEO)

A young girl  has apparently experienced what could pass for the most embarrassing moment of her life at her graduation ceremony. According to Media Take...

Enough Is Enough! 2 Sons Beat Their Mother’s Lover To Pulp For Having Constant Sex With Her In Lagos

Two angry brothers have descended on their mother's boyfriend and beat the living daylight out of him on Sunday, February 8, 2015 for having...

7 Biggest Mistakes New Mums Make

Learning to be a mom isn’t an easy thing and there are many common mistakes almost every new mom makes that you should be...

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