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What To Do If Someone Posts A Self-Harm Status On Social Media

Vigilance is crucial to preventing self-harm, which is why social media has increasingly become an area of focus for those looking to combat suicidal...

11 Reasons Why Black Women Are Single

There’s much speculation behind the unmarried status of Black women. Most of this curiosity has been driven by mainstream media which has famously asked “Why are...

What’s The Latest On Singer, Adokiye’s Virginity Status? (CLICK)

Sultry Nigerian singer, Adokiye Kyrian dropped a bombshell last year when she revealed that she was still a virgin, causing a stir on Nigerian...

How Secret Societies Recruit Members On The Internet (READ)

by Matt King It all started with a Facebook message from a dead guy. His name was Ernest Howard Crosby and his profile picture showed an...

Don’t Make Facebook/Twitter Your Emotional Gutter: 3 Tips To Keep It Together

There is a set of guidelines to follow in a relationship, and then there is another set to be followed when exposing your personal...

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