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11 Reasons Why Black Women Are Single

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There’s much speculation behind the unmarried status of Black women.

Most of this curiosity has been driven by mainstream media which has famously asked “Why are Black women single?” as if there must be something psychological wrong with Black women.

What media outlets fail to reveal is the alarming rates of Black men who are serving cruel and unusual sentences for non-violent crimes or crimes they didn’t commit. The media also does not mass promote the US Sentencing Commission’s research that finds Black men are given 19.5 percent longer sentences than White men for committing the same crime. It’s apparent that systemic racism plays a significant role in the absence of “quality” Black men, and as such, Black women, who are more likely to marry within the race than outside of it, are forced to make some tough decisions about love and relationships.

Sadly though, there are individuals within Black America who have also fallen for mainstream media’s pathology of the single Black woman. These individuals dehumanize single Black women and describe them as bitchy and/or hard to deal with.

One blogger going by the name of Sean T. Carter appears to be one of those individuals. In a blog post titled “This Is Why You’re Single: Black Woman Edition,” he lists 11 scathing reasons why he believes Black women are single — even going as far as likening them to a disease that is curable by ‘diagnosing the problem and then applying the proper remedy.’

Check out the reasons he listed below:

  1. Superficiality and Unrealistic Preferences
  2. The Way You Present Yourself
  3. Material Possessions Can’t Supplement a Lack of Substance
  4. You Sought Independence, Now You Have It
  5. You Look Like Precious But You Want LL Cool J
  6. Black Women Mistake Antagonism For Strength
  7. Christianity Doesn’t Make Him A Good Man
  8. You Want Respect For WHAT You Are, Instead of WHO You Are
  9. You’ve Made Yourself Immune To Criticism
  10. You Don’t Respect The Black Men You Claim To Want
  11. Your Dating Priorities Are Backwards

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