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Breast Cancer Survivor Gets Tattoos On NIPPLES, And They Look So Real (PHOTOS- NUDITY)

A breast cancer survivor, who underwent a double mastectomy where her nipples were cut off thought out the best ways to reclaim her body...

These May Just Be The Scariest Tattoos You’ll Ever See (PHOTOS)

There are tattoos and there are tattoos. The tattoos below are definitely going to make you cringe. At least i did. (Click on any image to...

This Man Turns Himself To Human Billboard Using Tattoos (PHOTOS)

If you think about it, logos are works of art too – they’re clever, well designed and come in a variety of colors. But...

11 Craziest Soccer Tattoos (PHOTOS)

The 2014 World Cup ends this Sunday; these tattoos, on the other hand, will last forever. 1. After Luis Suarez's shameful 'biting' incident on Italy defender...

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