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Sam Altman Joins Microsoft, To Lead New AI Research Team

NEW YORK, USA - In a surprising turn of events, Sam Altman, formerly the CEO of OpenAI, has been appointed to lead a new...

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss: The Unseen Battle Uncovered in Autopsy, Widow Pays Tribute

LOS ANGELES, USA - Five months after the tragic death of renowned dancer Stephen Boss, popularly known as tWitch, an autopsy report has shed...

Sidney Poitier, Queen Elizabeth 2, Pele, Pope Benedict XVI: Icons We Lost In 2022

The first black man to win an Oscar; a Pope; the first black woman to play an astronaut on television; the UK’s longest-serving monarch;...

Executive Director of Ellen Talkshow, tWitch, Commits Suicide At 40

Stephen tWitch Boss, the beloved DJ-turned-executive producer who helped get the audience to their feet for nine years on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and who...

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