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How A Teaspoon Of Black Seed Oil A Day Could Change Your Life

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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing healthy has become a difficult task nowadays. There are numerous superbugs which have become almost impossible to treat, and our bodies are targeted by all sorts of viruses. However, there might be one miraculous remedy that we have all ignored: black seed oil.

This oil has been around for centuries, and it was well known in Ancient Egypt, where it was even used by Cleopatra herself. However, nowadays, the benefits of black seed oil are not known by most people. Nonetheless, scientists are trying to change that, and a number of studies have revealed that black seed oil comes with numerous advantages.

The benefits of black seed oil

If you are wondering why you should buy black seed oil, we are here to tell you. Over 458 studies published over the years have presented the benefits of black seed oil, and today we will share them with you.

One of the most amazing properties of black skin oil the ability to reduce the size of existing tumors. The oil is able to do that thanks to Thymoquinone, one of its ingredients. According to studies, this oil managed to increase the growth of healthy bone marrow cells by 250%.

Additionally, black seed oil managed to inhibit the growth of the tumors by up to 50%. The oil proved to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and it protected the body against the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Beauty uses

Even if you do not want to use black seed oil as a health remedy, you can still benefit from its other properties. Black seed oil is amazing for your hair and skin, and this is something that even Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti knew.

If you are suffering from hair loss, or you simply want to strengthen your hair, black seed oil can do the trick. Use it and your hair follicles will become stronger than ever. One easy way to use it is by putting it into your shampoo or hair masks.

Your skin will also glow if you use black seed oil. This oil increases the melanin production, which is exactly what you need if you want to have a beautiful complexion. Studies revealed that this oil can be just as efficient as a skin cream. Some people tend to mix the oil with their skin care products so it becomes easier to apply it.

What can you treat with black cumin oil

It is hard to make a complete lists with all the conditions that can be treated with black seed oil, but here are some of them: bronchitis, sinusitis, hair loss, heart disease, allergies, sore muscles, poor muscle tone, backache, eczema, joint pain, asthma, acne, fungal and other similar infections, kidney stones, varicose veins, depressions, infectious diseases, over excited nervous system, gallbladder stones, prostate issues, dry skin, depression, joint pain, lack of elasticity of blood vessel walls, psoriasis, cancer, type 1 and 2 diabetes and migraines.

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