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The 20 Best People In Existence, Are You One Of Them?

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It ain’t easy being good.

Every morning, we all start with the best intentions, tell ourselves that today will be the day when we will be lovely people and do nice things for others.

By the time we leave the front door, all that’s gone right out the window. Or right out the front door.

It’s so much easier to be one of the worst people in the world than one of the best. Doing good takes effort, it’s hard work.

So this is a salute to those who go that extra mile and spread a little happiness, the people who are the best in the world. Are you one of them? Here they are…

1. People who make you a cup of tea without being asked

This is also known as ‘The Saint Peter Scenario’.

When you’re outside the gates of heaven and are asked what you did to deserve entry to nirvana, if you mention that you once made a work colleague a surreptitious cuppa, St Pete will reply: ‘Sure, go right in.’

2. People who let you pull out ahead of them at a busy junction

If you are a motorist in London, you will have no clue what we’re talking about.

3. People who are punctual

Before the internet and smartphones were invented, there used to be this thing called time. It was a bit of an odd concept because it implied that humans could meet other humans at a certain moment in the day. Bizarre, huh?

Unfortunately, being punctual these days is called something else: being 20 minutes early.

4. People who give up their seat on public transport

This is basic Being Nice 101. Obviously, it’s great to give up your seat for someone who is elderly or pregnant, but we shouldn’t be afraid to do it if it’s clear someone, for whatever reason, is struggling and just needs a rest.

Hey you! Yeah, you! The person who works in an office and sits on their bum all day anyway… stand up for a few minutes and give your legs a workout.

5. People who help others carry things up steps

When Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Fred Dibnah and Bob the Builder combined to construct Britain, they put in far too many steps, which makes life difficult for parents wheeling their newborns around.

Luckily, there is usually a good Samaritan on hand to give a hand, by helping them cart their strollers up the stairs.

6. People who find money and hand it in

There are more members of The Avengers than people who do this, but that’s what makes them so special.

7. People who give directions

This only applies to people who give ACCURATE directions, not ‘Yeah mate, keep heading that way and then ask someone else’.

Like most random acts of kindness, this benefits both parties; there’s nothing quite like the smug satisfaction that comes with realising that you know where things are in your local area.

8. People who donate stuff to charity

There are two type of people in this world. There are people who are good, and there are people who constantly flog all their old tat on eBay.

9. People who smile

Not the smile that says, ‘I am a serial killer and you are going to be my next victim’, but the smile that says, ‘I’m moving my facial muscles for you and I hope it brightens up your day.’

10. People who write

We’re not talking about journalists here – no way, they’re the absolute worst – but people who take the time to pen their thoughts in a letter or a thank-you card or even a Post-it message.

In the email age, receiving a written message from someone has all the more power.

11. People who hold doors open

Stupid people (ie. men) worry these days about opening doors, scared they’ll be branded as sexist chauvinist pigs. Don’t worry, it’s only holding a bloody door open. It’s not a statement about gender roles in the 21st century…. it’s being polite.

12. People who give you a break

To the shop assistant who let me off the other night when I was 5p short of buying a Magnum Mint Ice Cream… thank you.

13. People who run after you when you drop something

Batman. Spider-Man. Superman. Iron Man. Super Gran. They’re all just posers compared to those who chase you when you’ve left your jumper behind in the park.

14. People who don’t litter

To the girl who carries an apple core around in her pocket all day until she finds a bin… we salute you.

15. People who make you a mix tape

The time, thought, effort and love that goes into one of these is amazing. Unless, of course, they just tape Michael Jackson’s Thriller in its entirety from CD to cassette.

And no, before you ask, Spotify playlists don’t count.

16. People who remember

Your birthday, your address, your job, the way you like your steak… your name: someone who can store all this in their head is a friend for life.

17. People who know when you need a hug

Come on… bring it in.

18. People who compliment you

This may sound rather superficial, but when someone notices those £3 shoes you had lying in the bottom of your wardrobe for two years but have recently blinged up, it can transform your mood.

19. People who say ‘Bless you’ when you sneeze

These ones are the keepers.

20. People who say ‘thank you’

It doesn’t take much. And yet it sounds so sweet.


If any of the above is you, then…


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