#SoundOff: 8 Facts To Note About The Emergency Private Chief Justice Of...

#SoundOff: 8 Facts To Note About The Emergency Private Chief Justice Of Buhari’s Lifeless Presidency [MUST READ]

By Opinions | The Trent on January 30, 2019
Walter Onnoghen Newly sworn in acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed and President Muhammadu Buhari
Newly sworn in acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed and President Muhammadu Buhari | State House Photo

Please, note that the so called emergency private Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria of ‘President’ Muhammadu Buhari and APC government is.

1.  An interested party in the ongoing election process.

2.  His wife is a Senatorial candidate of Muhammadu Buhari’s  political family in the forthcoming general election of February 16, 2019.

3.  He was made a Judge without any experience whatsoever after ‘graduation’ from ABU in mid-1980s.

4.  He was “elevated” under doubtful and curious circumstances from a Magistrate Court to a SHARIA Court of Appeal Judge from where he was ‘smuggled’ into the mainstream higher echelons of our Judicial system.

5. There is no landmark judgment or any improvement to our Judicial system that can be traced to this Buhari’s private Chief Justice of Nigeria all through his career except that, he was smuggled into the judiciary early enough.

6.  There is a subsisting decision and action of NJC/Supreme Court to which this Buhari’s private Chief Justice of Nigeria was party to where, a judge was sanctioned for allowing himself to be sworn in as a Chief Judge of a State without following due process.

7.  This emergency private Chief Justice of Muhammadu Buhari should be appropriately sanctioned in line with set precedence of NJC for desecrating the highest hallowed Chambers of Judiciary in Nigeria by the bar and the bench of our Judicial system and indeed by all people of good conscience.

8.  Muhammadu Buhari should be made to face the full consequences of constantly flouting his oat of office and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

When Muhammadu Buhari abandoned his duties beyond the constitutionally allowed period on medical tourism, he was allowed.

When Muhammadu Buhari constantly disregarded the constitutional provision of Federal Character in his appointments, he was given the benefit of doubt.

When Muhammadu Buhari attacked and raided the residencies of Judicial officials at odd hours of the night in the name of fighting corruption, he was excused.

When Muhammadu Buhari docked, attacked and raided the National Assembly and the Leadership of the National Assembly, he was curiously overlooked.

When Muhammadu Buhari illegally spent $1 Billion among others without the appropriation of the National Assembly on illusive military equipment, contrary to the constitutional provisions, he was granted an undeserved amnesty.

When Muhammadu Buhari docked the serving National President of the Nigerian Bar Association, members of that noble profession stood akimbo and watched their own being “drowned”

Now, Muhammadu Buhari has executed a failed coup against the people and Constitution of Nigeria by unilaterally suspending of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a gestapo military fashion which is a treasonable offense!


This is a question Nigerians MUST answer decisively NOW or forever keep silent!

Echefuna ’Rotimi G. Onyebeadi is a Professor of Engineering Economics and Strategic Management Expert with multiple doctorate degrees and a total of 11 degrees in diverse areas that cut across various aspects of Engineering, Business Administration, Technology, Economics, Finance, Corporate Governance and Strategic Management among others. He is a Chartered Engineer; Chartered Administrator and a Member/Fellow of several International Professional Bodies. He is currently the Country Director of Krosplus Multnational having served hitherto at United Nations, World Health Organization, Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (now BoI) among others. He is a Fellow of United Nations and a major stakeholder in many Civil Society Organizations, including the “New Nigeria Movement”.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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