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The Male Enhancement Device That Solves 3 Common Sex Problems

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat if we told you there was a way to increase your stamina in bed which allows you to last all night long. You would never have to worry about embarrassing premature ejaculation again. What if I continued and told you the same method that helps you overcome your premature ejaculation will also give you the appearance of having a much larger penis.

Well this is the truth when you use a penis sleeve. A penis sleeve is a device that easily and effortlessly slips over your erect, semi-erect, or even flaccid penis and gives you the appearance of having a much larger penis. Penis sleeves have many names such as a cock sheath, hollow strap on dildo, penis extension sleeve, and many more.

No matter the name, the device works the same way. These penis extension sleeves come in many different materials, colors, and even textures all depending on what you, the user is interested in.

How To Use A Penis Sleeve

To use a cock sleeve, you simply add a little bit of your favorite water based lube into the hollow shaft and slide over your penis in a similar fashion as a condom. Cock sleeves have many different methods of staying on a penis no matter how erect or limp your penis may be.

The more common methods of securing a penis sleeve to the penis would be with a testicle strap which allows your device to secure directly to your testicles. Other methods include strap on harnesses which go around the waist of the person wearing as well as snuggly fit cock sheaths which you wear slightly tight which causes the male enhancement device to stay securely onto the penis with no additional straps or harnesses.

What are Penis Sleeves Made Off

The most common materials that penis extension sleeves come in is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), and silicone. Each of these materials will have a different feel for both partners.

Most penis sleeves will be made extremely soft and stretchy, not only to fit many different sized penises but to feel extremely realistic and lifelike.

Why Would You Wear A Penis Sleeve?

Why would anybody want to wear a penis sleeve, and for the person who is wearing the male enhancement device, will they feel any pleasure during sex?

There are many different reasons why somebody would want to wear a device like this during sex.

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem for men across the globe. People throw around the term Erectile Dysfunction (ED) but few say what it is. There are many different forms of ED but the most common being premature ejaculation and not having the ability to achieve a full and firm erection. Many people who struggle with erectile dysfunction also struggle with the mental anguish of not being able to pleasure their significant other sexually.

Wearing a device like this will allow you to provide long lasting and very pleasurable sex to your partner. With the addition of so many unique textures, the options are limitless which will continually improve your sex life and avoid stale intimacy.

“Will I Still Feel Pleasure When Wearing It?”

For the person wearing the penis sleeve, once you put a few drops of lubricant into the sleeve you will be able to feel some stimulation. This will also depend on how thick of a penis sleeve you are using.

Penis sleeves come in so many sizes that each one is quite different and will provide different amounts of stimulation. Some cock sheaths include internal ribs and pleasure bumps which will also help improve stimulation for the wearer.

Care For Your Penis Sleeve

Cleaning a cock sleeve is very easy as you simply wash with warm water and soap. Make sure to flip the device inside out and clean the inner shaft thoroughly.

Overall, penis sleeves are a very common and useful male enhancement device which are used by men all over the world.

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